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McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Swiggy; into some of the memorable festive spots of 2023

Festive advertising sometimes has a pop of colour and charm, unlike other spots.

Be it the goddess Durga slaying the buffalo demon Mahishasura or lord Ram emerging victorious over Ravana, Dussehra’s most overt symbolism is the victory of good over evil and the subsequent reestablishment of dharma over society. 

And while society may, from time to time, forget the lessons the deities wanted to teach us through these events, year after year, advertising makes sure to drill them down through accentuating qualities it deems righteous. 

Presented below is a list of such advertisements that graced many screens during this festival season.

Helios by Tita

The watch company acknowledges that demons still exist albeit in different forms, but their biggest crimes are still against women. So, it is supporting new-age goddesses in defeating the evils of modern times. 


There is Diwali and there is Diwali. This is the latter. This is the one away from family elders and cultural traditions and more into the carefree spirit and joy siblings and cousins share during the festival; their meetings are often a secret and McDonald’s is good at keeping such happy secrets. 


The bahons – symbolic vehicles of the gods– have come to life this Durga Pujo but are busy discussing the arrival of a new bahon in town. Who is it? Swiggy delivers the answer in this delightful little ad. 

Harpic India

Cleaning your home before Diwali is a tale familiar to every household. And most of the time, it’s the mother who does the job. This Diwali, Harpic wants you to lend your mother a helping hand when the time for cleaning arrives.


With the food delivery app at your fingertips, why stress about missing out on festive delicacies?

Listening to the grandmother in this ad will take you back to your childhood. The nearly half-minute spot has one thing to say about women: “Here’s to the ones who take on multiple roles, who fight the good fight and never give up.”


A cool little spot chronicling Kolkata’s Pujo Pandal hopping and festive eating culture with a pop of animation, traditional fine art and a Bengali song. 

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