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McDonald's India West and South introduces McSaver Meals in latest ad campaign

The brand has launched two ad films, conceptualised and created by DDB Mudra Group.

McDonald’s India West and South, owned and operated by Westlife Foodworld, has launched its new offering, McSaver Meals, priced starting at Rs 99 for customers in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh and Rs 149 for customers in other parts of West and South India, through an ad campaign.

McSaver Meals redefines the concept of ‘value’ by bringing alive the ‘feel-good’ moments. With the McSaver Meals, customers can now enjoy McDonald's meals without straining their wallets, whether it be a quick lunch break on a weekday, a family outing, or any occasion at any time of the day, To bring this platform to life, McDonald’s India has launched an ad campaign created by DDB Mudra Group.

In one of the ad films, the narrative unfolds in a bustling McDonald's store, where three robbers, initially focused on a heist, succumb to the temptation of the McSaver Meals priced at just Rs 99. As they indulge in their favourite McAloo Tikki Regular Meals, the blaring sound of approaching police sirens reminds them into action. They exchange a glance and quickly flee in their car. The robbers escape, leaving the police car screeching to a halt in front of the McDonald's store. The cops rush inside and are captivated by the McSaver Meals showcased on the menu.

The second ad is set in a corporate convention. The television commercial showcases Marshall, a European delegate, engaging with a company manager and a young employee. During their interaction, the young employee notices a loose thread on Marshall's sweater and attempts to fix it. However, as Marshall walks away, the thread unravels, transforming his sweater into a crop top and tangling those around him. Seeking to make amends, the young employee offers the McDonald’s meal to Marshall, who graciously accepts the peace offering. They both relish their McSaver Meals priced at just Rs 149, marking a fresh start over a delicious and affordable meal.

The TVC is being aired on select national General Entertainment Channels (GECs), as well as top regional GECs and news channels in languages like Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil.

Arvind R.P., chief marketing officer, McDonald’s India (W&S), said, “At McDonald's India (W&S), our focus has always been on creating unforgettable memories and deliver feel-good moments to our customers. With our new ad campaign, we wanted to showcase the irresistible value of McSaver Meals and the moments of joy and connections that our valued customers can experience while enjoying these affordable meals. Through initiatives like McSaver Meals, we reaffirm that McDonald's is the best value-for-money QSR destinations for anyone, at any time of the day.”

Rahul Mathew, chief creative officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “One of the pillars that McDonald’s is built on is that ‘McDonald’s is for everyone’. And it’s our extra value meals that truly bring this to life. No matter who you are -boss, intern, cop, robber… it makes complete financial and emotional sense to come to McDonald’s to add that smile to your everyday.”

Film credits:

Chief Creative Officer: Rahul Mathew

Group Creative Director: West – Harshada Menon, Siddhesh Khatavkar

Creative: Sneha Krishnamurthy, Jyotsna Mohanty, Darshika Kapadia, Megha Unadkat, Manika Pangtey, Shravanthi Kanthan, Thevar Subbiah, Shivani Sachdeva, Karthik Pamula

Agency Producer: Jay Gaikwad

Strategy: Mehak Jaini, Aditi Hariharan, Vidisha Jain

Business: Delon Mascarenhas, Sonia Kumar, Barkha Bisht, Avinash Janardhanan

Production house: Method Production

Director: Sapna Singh

Producer: Ravneet Mahajan

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