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Meesho's #WaitNahiVoteKaro campaign encourages Indian youth to vote

The brand has updated its logo to integrate the "m" with a finger bearing the ink mark.

Meesho, an e-commerce marketplace, has launched a social media campaign titled #WaitNahiVoteKaro. The campaign aims to mobilise and empower India's youth to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Leveraging Meesho's reach across various social media platforms as well as its own app, the campaign introduces a series of strategies to boost youth voter participation. One of the key elements of the campaign is the change of its brand logo across prominent social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, and Snapchat. The updated logo seamlessly integrates the Meesho's "m" with a finger bearing the ink mark, symbolising the platform's dedication to increasing voter participation.

Moreover, Meesho is leveraging the trending #GRWM reels, meaning 'Get Ready With Me' on Instagram and YouTube Shorts. Collaborating with influencers, they're showcasing the process of preparing for voting day. This trend reflects a growing perception of Election Day as a significant occasion worthy of dressing up, encouraging the audience to join in the celebration. By tapping into the "Get Ready With Me" content trend, where influencers share their preparations for the day, including selecting outfits, packing essentials like water bottles, and putting on comfortable shoes, Meesho aims to normalise and promote voting as a crucial aspect of civic responsibility.

To emphasise the importance of voting, the brand strategically utilises push notifications and banner advertisements on its app, with catchy messages like "Bhulo nahi, kal vote karo!" and "Aaj delay nahi, vote karo!" These timely reminders serve as proactive calls to action, urging its consumers to participate in the democratic process and also to contribute to the national voting efforts by amplifying the Meesho-ites’ votes cast during these elections.

Soumitra Choubey, associate director, brand marketing at Meesho, added, “We are excited to contribute to the General Election 2024 via Meesho's On-App, Social Media and creator ecosystem and have a meaningful impact. Since its launch on May 10, our campaign, #WaitNahiVoteKaro has already garnered over 18 crore impressions. By actively engaging our community through initiatives like #GRWMtoVote reels and targeted messages, we are aiming to foster a sense of empowerment among our users. We believe that by celebrating Election Day as a significant event, we can inspire an optimistic change in societal perceptions towards voting, thereby, not only increasing voter turnout but also reinforcing Meesho’s commitment to social and national responsibility.”

Through these multifaceted initiatives, Meesho is raising awareness about the upcoming election and actively encouraging and empowering India's youth to exercise their right to vote.

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