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MG Motor India's 'It's a Motherly Thing' campaign honours the timeless bond of motherhood

The film highlights the role of mothers as our guides in life, contrasting AI with their role as course correctors in the MG Astor.

MG Motor India launches a campaign, 'It's a Motherly Thing,' celebrating mothers' unmatched love and wisdom. The campaign features a film highlighting the unique bond between a mother and her child, drawing parallels between a mother's instinctive care and the modern-day AI assistant in the MG Astor.

The film showcases various scenarios where a mother's voice acts as a guide and course corrector, much like the AI assistant in the MG Astor. It portrays that while AI may have come later to guide us, our mothers have always been our original guides in life.

Through the lens of different situations, the film emphasises mothers' essential role in guiding and protecting us, just like the safety features such as ADAS in our cars.

As the film progresses, viewers witness the son realising the profound wisdom behind his mother's advice and the Astor's interventions. The campaign concludes with a poignant twist to the brand tagline, changing it from 'It's a human thing' to 'It's a motherly thing,' underscoring the campaign's essence that caring and being protective is truly a motherly trait, much like the AI and technology that keep us shielded.

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