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MI Shop expands merchandise offerings for IPL 2024 with 14 brands

The collaborations aim to attract younger fans and enhance fan experiences.

The Mumbai Indians' e-commerce destination, MI Shop, has expanded its merchandise offerings for IPL 2024 which now stands at 14 brands. To further elevate existing fan experiences and attract newer younger fans with a fashionable approach, MI Shop has an eclectic mix of merchandise partners spanning various categories like entertainment, footwear and apparel, travel accessories, gaming chairs, and sustainable apparel to name a few.

In 2024, collaborations include brands like gaming accessory providers like Cybeart among others have additionally enhanced the offering for fans. The pectrum of licensees now encompasses a wide range of categories, including replica apparel from PlayR , Suditi (Apparel), Fancode (Apparel), Ecentric (Apparel), Celio (Apparel), Skechers (Apparel), EUME (Backpacks and Travel accessories), Cybeart (Gaming chairs), Parksons (Playing Cards), CrunchBox (Popcorn), Chupps (Footwear Sliders), Boldfit (Training Gear) and Dudeme (JIT Apparel) further enriching the selection available to fans.

MI spokesperson said, “MI fans around the world display their affinity by proudly wearing their team merchandise. The creative freedom and boost that we offer each of our licensees helps them produce a unique range of service. From a market standpoint, our track record proves that we have aligned ourselves to our licensees’ goals. Our merchandising offerings on MI Shop helps us foster a closer bond between the fans and the team. This year, we have a diverse range of partnerships that will appeal to fans across age groups.”

Central to this MI's success in this arena is their focus on fostering custom-designed partnerships with each brand, ensuring that collaborations are tailored to fit the size, scale, nature, and USP of each entity. This approach not only benefits emerging brands by providing them with exposure and association power but also creates multiple touchpoints for fans to engage with their favourite team in novel and exciting ways.

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