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Mohammed Siraj and Ravi Shastri groove to 'Oo Antava' song in Dixcy Scott’s latest campaign

Dixcy Scott's 'Body Ki Bhasha' campaign, consisting of three films, is developed by TBWA/India.

Dixcy Scott’s latest Body Ki Bhasha campaign highlights the importance of being confident in one’s true self. Emphasising that genuine confidence is reflected in body language, the campaign aims to transcend societal norms and stereotypes, promoting authenticity and self-assurance.

This campaign, developed by TBWA/India, celebrates the vibrant youth of India, who take pride in their true selves and shape the world to fit their comfort, rather than conforming to external expectations. By dismantling superficial measures of identity and communication, the campaign underscores that confident body language can supersede the need to communicate in any particular language to be heard.

The campaign draws inspiration from real-life scenarios, in this case cricketers who often face challenges, such as answering questions in unfamiliar languages. In this campaign, young cricket sensations Yashasvi Jaiswal and Mohammed Siraj are showcased in post-match interviews and social gatherings. Despite the pressure to conform to certain practices, languages, and traditions, their innate confidence in their ability reflects in their confident body language and helps them thrive. This campaign celebrates their belief in their strength and abilities, which has driven them to succeed.

The campaign’s tagline encapsulates this sentiment: "Duniya aage jhukegi, jab body ki bhaasha chamkegi."

Shekhar Tewari, chief executive officer of Modenik Lifestyle, remarked, "The Body Ki Bhasha campaign celebrates the confidence that comes from being true to yourself, which is reflected in your body language. Yashasvi Jaiswal and Mohammed Siraj are perfect ambassadors for this campaign. Coming from humble beginnings, they have broken through societal constraints with their talent and confidence in their abilities. This campaign highlights that societal norms are deemed irrelevant when you believe in yourself. Comfortable innerwear contributes immensely to this self-belief, influencing how men perceive themselves and are perceived by others by how they carry themselves. Dixcy Scott innerwear plays a vital role in providing the comfort and support that boosts this confidence. This campaign showcases how comfortable innerwear enhances body language which enables you to seize the moment and stand out."

Govind Pandey, CEO at TBWA India, the creative agency behind the campaign, shared, “Dixcy Scott is a disruptor brand that is challenging the dominant conversation in the inner wear category. Instead of conventional toxic masculinity narrative, the brand has adopted an empowering role in defining your body language. We are taking on the role English language has traditionally played as the essential skill for upgradation to the next socioeconomic class. Society is now challenging that. As long as you are good at what you do and have the right body language, you are ready for anything. Dixcy Scott gives you the Body language Jo Chha jay.”

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