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Mortein shines spotlight on unsung heroes in heartwarming campaign

Conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India, the film highlights the selfless dedication of the community workers.

Mortein, has released an ad film under its ongoing campaign, #MorteinKiRakshaJyoti, expressing gratitude to the caregivers of the society. The film encourages people to recognise the selfless work of the community workers, who are working round the clock and extend the “Raksha Jyoti” to them and safeguard them from mosquito-borne diseases.

To stay protected from disease-carrying mosquitoes, every family relies on various pest control solutions, however, the individuals who tirelessly ensure the safety of the entire society are often exposed to diseases such as dengue, malaria and chikungunya. With this campaign film, Mortein emphasizes the importance of taking care of those who care for society, providing them with the shield of Mortein’s protection.

Saurabh Jain, regional marketing director, South Asia - Hygiene, Reckitt said, "For years, Mortein has been a trusted pest control solution across Indian homes and is committed to protect families against mosquito-borne diseases. With the release of our film, we want to draw attention to the health and safety of the community workers, the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to ensure our security. The film’s core message ‘Unki raksha kare jo roz hamari raksha karein’ urges people to protect the protectors with Mortein Liquid Vaporisers, safeguarding them from disease-carrying mosquitoes.”

Conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India, the film beautifully captures the message in a poignant scene, where a mother and her kids demonstrate compassion to the security guard of their housing society by providing him with a Mortein liquid vaporiser for his cabin. The film highlights the selfless dedication of the community workers who are consistently looking out for the world and ensuring our overall safety. The mother then urges her kids to protect the ones who protect the world, hence encapsulating the campaign message - ‘Unki raksha kare jo roz hamari raksha karein’ with Mortein.

Anupama Ramaswamy, chief creative officer, Havas Worldwide India said, "Mortein's mission against mosquito-borne diseases sparked our inspiration. Having grown up under the protection of diligent security guards, we now recognize the risks they face. Identifying an opportunity for meaningful change through compelling storytelling, our goal is singular: to enhance the lives of community workers under Mortein's Raksha Jyoti initiative. We envision extending this effort to contribute to a Malaria and Dengue-free India."

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