Nisha Qureshi

Motivator eyes growth on the back of bullish festive season

Aman Kochhar, chief growth officer & managing partner at Motivator, says that the agency expects a healthy growth in H2 and advertisers across categories to increase ad spends.

Motivator, a GroupM agency that started its journey by enabling startups, has expanded its horizons and is now working with brands across sectors. The agency has set its sights on robust growth in the upcoming months, buoyed by a positive festive season outlook.

Aman Kochhar, chief growth officer & managing partner at Motivator, is optimistic about the agency’s prospects in the second half of the year, fuelled by the anticipation of heightened ad expenditures from advertisers across categories.

The agency, over the past year, has won the account of a major OTT platform in South India. It has also won business for a D2C luggage maker and fintech clients.

“This festive season, along with the World Cup, is going to push the spending even higher and everyone, including us, will experience growth,” Kochhar shares.

Many startup brands had grown cautious of spending in funding winters. Kochhar, however, states that things have changed over the past year. The agency is now eyeing growth on the back of other sectors.

“Yes, we were dependent on digital with many startups. But we will also be seeing a lot of digital from FMCG and other traditional brands. They used to be big on TV, but over the last 2-3 years, they have really pushed digital spending. We expect our new and old clients to fire at full velocity during the festive period.”

Kochhar informs that the agency’s strategic approach is client diversification. By servicing a balanced blend of traditional industry giants as well as unicorns and startups, Motivator aims to mitigate volatility in its portfolio.

He adds that even though all agencies focus on working with the biggest spenders, they find comfort in working with clients that have a growth mindset.

“Everybody says that they want to work for large brands and ones that spend a lot of money on advertising. However, at Motivator, our experience has been that the clients who come in with a growth mindset are the ones that we enjoy working with because there is no status quo on the table.”

“Our mix of clients is quite holistic and that makes it less volatile as a portfolio. Between traditional unicorns and smaller startups, eventually not everybody is going to fire at the same time. But at least the mix is such that it makes lower volatility for us, as an agency. We are definitely bullish about H2.”

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