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Mountain Dew's new campaign honours debutant cricketers' bravery

The brand will collab with young as well as veteran cricketers to amplify the campaign's messaging forward.

This cricketing season witnessed the emergence of debutant talent and the celebration of emerging cricketers on the field by superfans. Cricket fans across the country prompted Mountain Dew on this surge of love for the newcomers which led the brand to take notice and launch a unique digital initiative, JAKAD KE PAKAD, that is inspired by the voice of fans and true events.

The debutants have displayed fearless attitude during the current cricketing season and their jaw dropping acts have seen mushrooming of many super fans across the country that were spotted across stadiums. These fans have gone all the way in supporting their new heroes with one thing in common – inspiring them to be fearless as they shape their future career. These enthusiastic displays resonated deeply on social media, with influencers amplifying the message by sharing images of the fans.

The campaign JAKAD KE PAKAD extends the brand’s iconic ethos, presenting a narrative that honours the bravery and perseverance of debutant cricketers and encourages them to overcome their fears.

The campaign film showcases a new cricketer gearing up to step onto the field. As he buckles up, doubt begins to creep in, but he fights through his thoughts, grabs his bat, and walks out with his head held high, overcoming his fear with a resolute look on his face. This transformation from apprehension to courage emphasises the importance of embracing challenges and pushing beyond limitations to achieve greatness.

The film recognises the immense courage required by debutant cricketers to set foot on the field, constantly under pressure to prove themselves and perform their best. It reiterates Mountain Dew’s belief of ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ that signifies that in the face of any challenge, there are two choices: either succumb to fear and turn back or overcome fear and move ahead. It is this choice that sets real heroes apart from the rest.

Speaking on the campaign, Akankshaa Dalal, category head, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo India, said, “During the on-going cricketing season, seeing superfans encouraging the newcomers to overcome fear with courage was a powerful reminder of what we as Mountain Dew stand for. It was truly humbling to see consumers repurposing the brand's tagline of Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, reinstating that our message resonates deeply with them, and this inspired us to create a campaign that celebrates the courage and determination of debutant cricketers. This new campaign is dedicated to superfans and the newcomers of this season. The fans for cheering on the ones who need their support more than anyone else; and the newcomers to whom we acknowledge that first time fear can be overwhelming. We hope this digital campaign and film will connect with our consumers across the country and shower their love and support on these trailblazers during the ongoing cricket season.”

As the campaign unfolds and gains further traction, Mountain Dew will score partnerships with young as well as veteran cricketers to amplify the Jakad Ke Pakad messaging forward. The campaign will go live across digital and e-commerce platforms.

Mountain Dew is available in single and multi-serve packs across modern and traditional retail outlets and across e-commerce/quick-commerce platforms.

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