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MullenLowe Group reveals refreshed avatar; the static ‘Challenger Octopus’ turns fluid

It is the IPG-owned agency group’s latest rebrand after its last one in 2016.

Out goes the static ‘Challenger Octopus’, and in comes the new-age fluid eight-tentacled water beast, MullenLowe Group’s refreshed brand avatar is making a splash.

João Paz, head of design at MullenLowe U.S., led the redesign project and told Ad Age that the “Challenger Octopus” had begun to feel dated.

“It has this kind of masculine vibe of being punchy, punching above your weight. We felt it didn’t really represent us anymore,” he said. “That was kind of the brief—it felt like MullenLowe was showing up feeling a little old. So we took that brief to heart and created a new logo that broke from everything. That was the challenge—to break free from the corporate agency world.”

The group’s LinkedIn post says, “Our new look sees our beloved octopus evolve from an operational mascot to a kindred spirit that visually represents our belief.”

The agency group is called the MullenLowe Lintas Group in India. 

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