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Myntra ads assure customers that ordering, deliveries are safe in lockdown

The e-commerce platform has resumed delivery of all products. Newly uploaded videos on its YouTube channel assure customers that the online shopping process is safe.

One of the restrictions of the national lockdown was that in the first two phases, e-commerce companies were not allowed to deliver goods. In the third phase of the lockdown, the restrictions were eased and e-commerce companies were allowed to deliver essential goods (such as soap, handwash, sanitisers, groceries, and so on). For the likes of Amazon and Flipkart that specialise in delivering a wide range of items, it meant delivery restriction in a few categories. For others, like Nykaa and Myntra (that have more specialised 'niche' products), it meant a reorientation of the items they delivered - with emphasis on essential (healthy) goods. These include personal hygiene and grooming essentials like razors, wellness essentials like vitamins and supplements, and work from home essentials such as jogger pants and pyjamas.

Recently, Myntra uploaded a video on its YouTube channel, with CEO Amar Nagaram announcing that the platform is officially resuming full services and delivery of all products. The video featured CEOs of luxury brands that e-retail on Myntra (such as L'Oreal's Amit Jain, Puma's Abhishek Ganguly, and Catwalk's Asif Merchant) reminding viewers that 'we're in this together', and that they were happy to be back on track.

Myntra uploaded two more videos that show what the delivery process looks like, keeping in mind precautions to ensure that COVID-19 does not spread. The first video is a glimpse of the safety measures taken at Myntra's warehouses. The items are picked up for delivery from these warehouses before they are taken to the respective customers' addresses. Some measures mentioned in the video include regular thermal checks, sanitisation at the point of entry, sanitising touch points every three hours, social distancing, and so on.

The second video is a closer look at the journey of a parcel once it leaves the warehouse. It depicts the delivery personnel sanitising their hands multiple times in a day, and assures that the delivery will be contactless.

Myntra is not the first brand to assure its customers that the delivery personnel are staying clean and, hence, the products they deliver are safe, too. Recently, Zomato uploaded a video on its YouTube channel, with similar messaging. It shows viewers the hygiene protocols that Zomato's drivers follow. It goes a step further by showing the viewers how the inside of the drivers' bags and the handles of their motorbikes are sanitised, too.

Swiggy India also published a video to assure its customers that food delivery is safe. The video features celebrity chef Ranveer Brar demonstrating how to safely transfer food from the delivery boxes to vessels - all the while assuring viewers that the hot, well-cooked food is safe.

It's understandable why Swiggy and Zomato - food delivery brands - would go the extra mile for this type of messaging. An Economic Times report published in early April said that both had seen an almost 70 per cent drop in orders in just 10 days since the lockdown was declared. It was shortly after this that the duo forayed into delivering essential items and groceries in a bid to stay afloat.

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Meanwhile, Amazon uploaded a video in late March, featuring delivery personnel from different apps, such as Medlife, Grofers and BigBasket. The video urges users to stay home and stay safe.