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Netflix unites the multiverse of personalities residing inside its subscriber Norma

A you-will-now-question-everything kind of ad from David Madrid for the video streamer in Spain.

There is a multiverse of viewing personalities within every Netflix subscriber. Each tries to take over the body when their kind of show or movie is streamed. 

What happens when the base personality realises what is happening and finds itself in a Netflix-themed rabbit hole of existential crisis? 

Netflix Spain’s new ad – a brainchild of creative agency David Madrid – delves into this nightmarish thought and, manages to bring peace and unity among all the variants. 

It all starts when the video streamer asks its subscriber Norma, “Who’s watching?” It is enough to let loose many personalities of Norma born and nurtured on the kind of shows or movies they want to stream.

There is the Norma that wakes up craving Hungarian cinema, another Norma likes to watch hot couples cheating, and when base Norma is trying to figure this out, viewers see her in a Netflixesque world where everything revolves around the video streamer.  

David Madrid wrote on LinkedIn about the ad: 

"You turn on the TV.

You open Netflix.

Netflix asks you who’s watching and suddenly you ask yourself who’s watching.

And what starts as a simple question, takes you on a complex and Netflixtential journey that makes you realize something revealing

You are not just one, you are many, and you have to embrace all that you are."

While the advertisement points to diverse Netflix viewers, it is also a nod to the video streamer's vast content library. It boasted of 223 million paid subscribers worldwide in its Q3FY23 quarterly earnings report. 

Back in 2021, a few ads from Netflix India promoted the diversity of its content library as it announced a change in its pricing. 

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