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Netflix's campaign invites viewers to step into a different story...

Netflix's new campaign is a reminder of how we're all just a story away from a completely new, sometimes out of the world experience.

Stories are powerful. The series and films we watch bring out all sorts of different emotions, give us perspectives we’ve never seen before and even make us feel closer to each other.

The Crown reminded us that all families are the same. Guilty told us about the good that can happen when you stop caring about what the world thinks of you and instead focus on what you believe in. Sacred Games was a window into a world we knew so little of, and brought us closer to understanding some people’s need for power.

This is the preimise behind Netflix's Just A Story Away campaign that launched in India today. People have very different tastes and moods. But no matter who you are or where you are, we’re all only just a story away from seeing, feeling and connecting more.

Throughout the video, we see clips from some of Netflix's most popular shows, with clips meant to evoke an emotional reaction/to help viewers live out certain experiences (such as going to jail, fighting a supervillain, travelling to outer space, etc.)

Viewers also get a glimpse of the Netflix documentary Our Earth, meant to showcase how even documentaries can help them travel to the ends of the Earth without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The ad film plays on a relevant consumer insight - that there is a spike in OTT video content consumption since the lockdown has begun. In a recent study done by DAN Data Sciences, it was found that in lockdown, 70 per cent of Gen Z and millennials relied on OTT platforms as their primary source of entertainment.

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