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Netizens call out Akshay Kumar for appearing in Vimal Elaichi's ad once again

The ad caught people’s attention during the World Cup match between India and Australia on October 8, 2023.

After being criticised by internet users for his 2022 advertisement for Vimal Pan Masala, Akshay Kumar is on the receiving end once again after starring in a supposedly new Vimal Elaichi ad along side Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan.

The commercial was under wraps until people saw it on television on October 8, 2023, during the World Cup match between India and Australia. Netizens wonder why the actor appeared in another ad despite a clarification following criticism of his 2022 Vimal Elaichi ad.

Kumar's 2022 ad - his first for Vimal Elachi - was criticised because he, for the longest time, had championed a fit lifestyle, and this ad counteracted this ethos of the actor. Many of the actor's fans felt that given his image as a fitness icon, he should not be promoting a product that is detrimental to health.

Immediately after receiving the negative feedback, Kumar issued an apology on social media saying he respects everyone’s opinion and will not be endorsing the same. He also mentioned that he would be donating the endorsement fee towards a worthy cause and the ads would be aired till the contract exists.

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