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No more selfie glitches, say two new Vivo V19 ads

The latest campaign features Vivo ambassador Aamir Khan as an uncle who’s solving his nephew's selfie woes with the help of the new V19 handset.

Web designing, coding, data engineering, creative writing and more. The list of must-learn skills can draw both the awe and envy of your friends and the general public. But one skill which, according to us, can make you a star among them is taking the right selfie.

Taking, or clicking, the perfect selfie isn’t easy. But you can succeed if you have the right skill, and the right handset. Vivo's latest model V19 touts itself as the best camera phone, or that's how its ads would like you to believe.

The Chinese smartphone maker has released two ads (two more in the pipeline), both conceptualised by BBH India and featuring Vivo brand ambassador Aamir Khan. Each ad features the Bollywood actor as an uncle who’s solving his nephew's selfie problems with the V19. The first ad deals with the issue of dim light, while the second takes on the challenge of a wide selfie.

Vasudha Misra, ECD, BBH Delhi, told afaqs! about the ideas they bounced off each other before zeroing in on the uncle-nephew angle, "... It gave us a lot more elbow room to have fun, do different getups with kids, which can instantly perk up the visual narrative and give us a lot of license with humour."

Speaking about the treatment of the ads, she said they had to be succinct, and not just informative. "The campaign revolves around the phone’s features. Our job was to highlight them..."

Vasudha Misra
Vasudha Misra

To explain her point, Misra used an example: For a wide selfie, many ads show a lot of people standing together and clicking a selfie. "To have a storyline narrative with a problem and solution format was something we had to do."

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The V19's cost starts from Rs 30,990, and is the newest model in the Vivo 'V' series. Nipun Marya, director, brand strategy, Vivo India, says, " With V19 campaign, our strategy was to showcase how simple daily moments, when captured, become memories to treasure. We believe it is these memories that are the glue that strengthens our relationships. Hence, the film strategically showcases the feature benefits of the device..."

V19 with the 'Make In India' logo
V19 with the 'Make In India' logo

It is also the model in which you will see the new crowdsourced 'Make in India' logo, an expression of the brand's commitment to the country. In an earlier interview, Marya had said, "The government has promoted 'Make in India' for a while, and because of it, we have committed to invest Rs 7,500 crore to increase manufacturing in India..."

The V19 comes with two front cameras: 32MP main camera and an 8MP super wide-angle camera. At the rear, it's got four cameras: 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra wide-angle camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP bokeh camera.

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