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NPCI launches UPI Chalega campaign to promote safe and easy digital payments

The campaign has been conceptualised by Ogilvy.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has introduced the third edition of its UPI Safety Awareness campaign, titled "UPI Chalega." Collaborating with key players in the payments ecosystem, NPCI aims to foster the adoption of UPI as a secure, convenient, and instantaneous mode of payment. The campaign also seeks to educate users about UPI's various features, including UPI LITE for swift low-value transactions, UPI AUTOPAY for secure recurring payments, and UPI Interoperability for seamless money transfers across all UPI-enabled applications.

Over time, UPI has transformed the landscape of digital payments, witnessing a remarkable surge in both transaction volume and value. The UPI Chalega campaign was first introduced in 2020 under the guidance of the Financial Literacy Advisory Committee (FLAC). The initial two iterations played a pivotal role in expanding UPI's reach, educating users about its safety measures, and enhancing its usability for diverse transactions, solidifying its status as the preferred payment choice.

Building on this success, UPI Chalega 3.0 continues to drive UPI adoption and safe usage through engaging initiatives. The campaign features the #UPIWaliShaadi commercials, which capture the essence of an extravagant Indian wedding. In these commercials, cricket legend Virat Kohli surprises a group of UK international students by participating in a gully cricket match, showcasing the ease of making micro-payments through UPI LITE on his smartphone. The campaign also highlights the use of UPI AUTOPAY for subscription renewal and UPI Interoperability for seamless payments across different UPI-enabled apps.

The relatable and heartwarming scenarios presented in the commercials serve as a platform to educate the audience about UPI's innovative aspects. The overarching goal of the campaign is to enhance brand awareness of UPI, improve understanding of its features, and encourage wider adoption among new users.

To provide a comprehensive resource hub, a dedicated microsite,, has been created. This hub offers informative videos, 'How to' guides, details about participating banks and third-party apps, and dynamic social feeds. Users can access detailed information about UPI services, enabling them to set up and use UPI LITE, UPI AUTOPAY, and Interoperability.

Praveena Rai, chief operating officer of NPCI, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of the third edition of the campaign. She highlighted the initiative's collaborative nature with key stakeholders in the payments ecosystem and emphasized its objective to instill confidence in users, empowering them to make secure and hassle-free transactions through UPI.

Sujit Ganguli, head of corporate brand and communications at ICICI Bank, commended the campaign's role in expanding the usage of UPI by introducing new use cases. The campaign's humorous approach is designed to stand out and capture customers' attention, promoting the versatility and convenience of UPI.

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer at Ogilvy India, shared insights into the campaign's approach. He explained that the character of Mrs. Rao was strategically placed in a family wedding scenario, showcasing how UPI can be utilized for various payment scenarios. Mrs. Rao's interventions and humor convey the message that UPI can be seamlessly integrated into any situation.

The campaign encompasses a 360-degree approach, utilizing diverse media channels such as television, radio, OTT (over-the-top) platforms, outdoor advertising, influencers, digital platforms, and social media to reach a wide audience and promote the ecosystem-driven campaign.

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