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OkCupid gives virtual dating tips in new video with The Screen Patti

The film showcases a new couple’s journey - from the time they first met online, to all the things they now do together while self-isolating.

Dating apps, like OkCupid, are trying hard to make people fall in love online, in the middle of a lockdown. OkCupid has reported a 26 per cent increase in conversations and a 12 per cent increase in matches throughout the country. In fact, a huge 91 per cent of the app’s millennial users have said that they will continue to date, albeit virtually, and would not let the lockdown affect their love life.

To drive the virtual dating narrative, OkCupid has partnered with The Screen Patti to showcase a new couple’s journey - from the time they first met online, to going on a virtual date, to forming a connection, to now doing all things together while self-isolating.

The OkCupid team says that small things, such as a love for old Bollywood references, sharing favourite snacks during the rain and love for yoga, can bring people together online and help them find a partner. 'TSP’s Lockdown Wala Match', by featuring digital celebs Shivankit Singh Parihar and Apoorva Arora, illustrates the course of virtual dating, how couples can go about (doing) it, what they can do together, and how rewarding it can be.

The platform has also come up with a set of virtual dating tips. The suggestions include talking more often, binge-watching together, working out together, building and sharing playlists, discuss cooking, dress up and drink, virtual holidays with chill backgrounds, and, maybe, a dance party, too.

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