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Online marketplace Fiverr writes an open letter to AI, with the help of AI

Recently, the platform introduced new AI tools for freelancers. The brand’s open letter, published in 'The New York Times', calls for coordination between AI and humans.

A week ago, global online marketplace Fiverr introduced new artificial intelligence (AI) categories on the platform in the wake of the AI revolution. To amplify the message, the brand has drafted an open letter to AI, written by AI, partially. 

In a front page ad published in 'The New York Times', Fiverr’s letter, signed by its CEO Micha Kaufman, calls for coordination between AI and its human overseers. Pointing out the potential, and power of this tech innovation, the addressal underpins the need for human finesse in making the work produced by AI less 'robotic'. 

Fiverr's open letter to AI
Fiverr's open letter to AI

Interestingly, Kaufman chose to employ AI to write the letter, perhaps, to exemplify how it is still fairly incomplete without human supervision. However, the letter lauds the productivity mustered by coupling the potential of AI with human creativity. For this reason, as the letter reads, the platform has decided to add AI categories, such as Midjourney, ChatGPT and Dall-E, to its catalog of services, in a bid to accommodate artists and programmers, who have already embraced these advanced tools in their workflow.

The discussion surrounding AI's rapid growth, and its widely pursued idea of 'free will', has often lead to heated debates as to what implications this new tech could have on human lives. For instance, with the likes of ChatGPT and Dall-E gaining immense popularity, many fear that artists and programmers from across the world have found themselves an almost mythical competitor.

Fiverr, in the letter, pegs AI, despite its formidable potential, beneath human creativity, calling the works produced by it 'robotic' and devoid of personality. The ad campaign, while primarily being an introduction to new AI tools on Fiverr, also provides a more composed perspective on how to welcome AI.

According to Fiverr, searches for AI-related services on the platform have increased over 1,400% in the last six months. The addition of the AI-services will be complemented by Fiverr’s in-house AI tools, such as Fiverr Logo Maker for designers and AI Auditions for voice-over artists.

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