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Oreo puts a pause on World Cup hype with an ad featuring MS Dhoni

The new ad film sees the legendary cricketer urge fans to hold their horses in anticipation of a World Cup trophy.

While all brands are trickling into the hype surrounding the ongoing ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, Oreo appears to have taken a stride along an unconventional route. The brand is asking fans to halt their excitement, before the team actually brings the trophy home.

In a new ad film, featuring iconic cricketer MS Dhoni, Oreo is aiming to ward off evil eyes from Indian National Cricket Team. Superstitious much? Well, Dhoni makes a case for it, albeit, conjecturally. The cricketer cites examples of the last World Cup, where the team reached semi finals, but failed to register as champions. He believes it was because everyone was too excited and confident, and the team was therefore struck with ‘Evil Eye’.

Prior to this, in a recent communication on his Facebook account, Dhoni had announced his intention to reveal ‘exciting news’ on Sunday. This announcement swiftly gained widespread attention, sparking fervent speculation among fans regarding a potential retirement from the cricketer.

The announcement turned out to be this Oreo ad. Remarkably, notwithstanding its promotional nature, the enthusiasm to witness Dhoni’s revelation was conspicuous. Within a mere 24 hours, the associated video garnered an astounding 6 million views.

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