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Using WhatsApp chat, Oyo evokes wanderlust and urges people to "Chal Pahad"

As the country opens from its lockdowns, Oyo urges people to travel and stay at its safe and sanitised hotels.

When was the last time you stepped outside to travel? Not for essential items or groceries but to travel and quench that inner adventurer inside you. The answer, for most people, will be a dull, “It’s been ages!”.

If you are to go by Oyo’s new ad, then this makes for a trip to the mountains or “Chal Pahad” like the ad suggests. The near two-minute ad shows us the WhatsApp chat conversation of a group called ‘Chaddi Buddies’ and as the chat progresses with messages, images and gifs, one thing is clear - whatever be the situation, “Chal Pahad”.

The ad’s YouTube description reads, “Kaam ka pahad, toh pahad. Som, Mangal, Shani, sab ek jaise vaar, toh pahad. Basically when in doubt, Pahad.”

The country has unlocked and limping its way back to normalcy. And while people remain apprehensive of travel, Oyo urges them to do so and stay at safe and sanitised Oyo rooms.

Recently, Oyo announced the launch of a one-time solution app, “… Through this dedicated section, users can access comprehensive state-wise travel guidelines including E-Pass/Entry registration requirements, visibility to restrictions while booking a hotel, and quarantine requirements.”

In August, it launched a campaign ‘Road Trippin’ urges customers to go on a road trip while the hotel chain assures a sanitised COVID-safe OYO room.