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Parle-G thanks frontline workers in new digital film

It's a PSA reminding us of all those putting their lives at risk by venturing outside every day to make sure we, in our homes, stay safe.

Parle-G, one of the most popular biscuit brands in India, has released a film dedicated to all those workers who step out of their homes so that the rest of the country stays safe as the pandemic rages on.

It's a short film made with stock footage and footage shot entirely on mobile phones as most films are made these days.

It starts with a bunch of kids wondering why their parents are stepping out of their homes when schools and roads and everything is shut and a nationwide lockdown in place. The question (read worry) on the minds is if the virus infects their parents.

Then we hear one of the kids say that his parents explained to him that the country is going through a tough time and needs us and that we're all soldiers.

And that's when a montage begins showing us how Parle workers are diligently performing their duties while ensuring set sanitisation protocols are being followed. We see the workers at Parle undergoing thermal screening at the entrances, the machines being disinfected, and the workers wearing masks and gloves all the time.

A voiceover then thanks all the workers at the frontline (doctors, police, sweepers) on behalf of Parle-G. We then read that Parle has joined hands with the government to distribute 3 crore packets of Parle-G biscuits as relief during the crisis.

During this crisis, the country has gone into lockdown with only a select bunch of people allowed to work and it is because of them that the country remains safe.

Recently, Google released a film, similar in treatment to its annual 'Year in Search' videos, thanking healthcare workers who're putting their lives at risk while treating people infected with Coronavirus.

Facebook too released a short film promoting its community help function while reassuring people of the goodness in the world.