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Parle Krackjack launches TVC introducing new sweet and salty avatars

The campaign has been created by Thought Blurb Communications.

Parle Products has released its latest campaign for KrackJack, which uses the same set of delightfully whacky ideas to appeal to a new generation of Krackjack connoisseurs.

The three-film campaign created by Thought Blurb Communications tells stories of conundrums that are solved in hilarious ways by the two protagonists, Krack (played by Dharmesh Yelande) and Jack (played by Raghav Juyal). They have different sweet and salty perspectives, that brings alive the idea- "Sweet and Salty saath jab aaye, baat ban jaaye".

The over-the-top style of humour follows a legacy that was started in the 90s with Boman Irani and Vijay Patkar playing the titular roles. The torch then passed on to Swapnil Joshi and Gaurav Gera in the noughties, and after a decade, Krackjack has now found renewed vigour with Raghav Juyal and Dharmesh Yelande.

Mayank Shah, senior sategory head, Parle Products, speaks about Krackjack and the direction it has taken over the years. “Krackjack is the first biscuit in India to find that magical spot in the consumer’s palate with a flavour that tickles sweet and salty taste buds. When the flavour is so out-of-the ordinary, how can its communication not be unusual? Over the years, the characters Krack & Jack, have endeared themselves to audiences across the country. Every new generation resonates with these sweet and salty characters. Dharmesh and Raghav are new age celebrities with a wide fan following among the youth. More importantly, we chose them because we felt they have a spontaneity in their repartee, which is key to the brand’s communication.”

Vinod Kunj, founder and chief creative officer, Thought Blurb Communications echoes the sentiment and explains the challenges, “It’s a big challenge to work on a legacy brand like Krackjack with a high decibel legacy communication. When we got the brief we were clear that we have to carry forward the torch to the next generation of audiences across India. Not only do we have to appeal to a wide section of audiences across socio economic segments, we also had to touch their funny bone. Evidenced by the viewer responses we have received, the execution seems to have hit the bull’s eye. The dash of rollicking humour coating the films make them entirely enjoyable.”

Joining in with her perspective on the creative execution, Renu Somani, National Creative Director, Thought Blurb adds, “We started off with a product that is sweet but also has salty overtones. That kind of dictated the tone and tenor of the campaign. In one of the brain storming sessions when the strategy team came up with the idea of ‘contrarian views working towards a common goal’ we knew we had our campaign. This in turn finds resonance in the claim - ‘sweet aur salty saath jab aaye, baat ban jaaye’. The fun part was working with the film crew to get Dharmesh and Raghav to work in tandem to translate this strange combination of diametrically opposite views. We wanted the viewers to have fun, and I think that has come out quite well.”

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