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Polycab India's 'Dill Ke Roshani' Diwali campaign shines a spotlight on electricians' selfless contributions

The campaign has been created by ShrtFrm.

Polycab India, the electrical goods company, has launched a Diwali campaign titled 'Dill Ke Roshani,' dedicated to paying tribute to the electrician community. The campaign, conveyed through a compelling DVC (Digital Video Commercial), aims to recognise the selfless contributions of electricians, even during the festive season.

The narrative unfolds with Vinod, an electrician, making sacrifices to bring light and joy to an orphanage facing a power outage. Despite prior commitments to celebrate Diwali with his family, Vinod diverts from his route to help restore power to the orphanage. Using Polycab Green wire, he fixes the electrical issue, bringing warmth and light to the lives of the children in the orphanage.

The film beautifully captures the essence of human connection as the children dance in joy, and the message "Jaha Tum Waha Humari Diwali" (Our Diwali will be celebrated wherever you are) resonates. The emotional turn of events at the end, with Vinod's wife appearing at the orphanage, adds depth to the narrative.

Nilesh Malani, executive president and chief marketing officer at Polycab India, expressed the campaign's aim to highlight the sacrifices made by the electrician community. He emphasised the commitment of electricians, viewing their work not just as a business but as a service to society. The campaign, shared on social media, is expected to resonate widely, thanks to its emotionally charged narrative and meaningful message.

As a further extension of appreciation, Polycab plans to organise 'Electrician Diwali Melas' across 10 cities, allowing the families of electricians to celebrate Diwali together and acknowledging their invaluable contributions.


Agency: ShrtFrm

Swati Ali, Co-founder, ShrtFrm

Kshitij Singhvi, Founder, ShrtFrm

Writer - Tushar Kumar, ShrtFrm

Production House - Kutuhala Films

Director - Sanket Angane

Director of Photography - Lalit Shejwal

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