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Pond's Men's new ad film in Indonesia throws medieval shade at oily skin

Directed by Early Man Film’s Ayyapa KM, the spot plugs the brand’s new facewash by showing the origins of ‘Fly Kisses’.

Pond's Men has released a new ad film in Indonesia that plugs its Ultra Bright Oil Filter facewash in a humorous and light-hearted way. 

In an ad film directed by Ayyapa Menon, founder of  production house Early Man Film, a bunch of medieval men surrounding their overlord give the viewers an idea about the origins of ‘fly kisses’.

In a remote cave-like setting, the seemingly tribal leader greets his warriors with warm kisses on their cheeks. That is until a man with oily skin approaches him. As the warrior leans in for the blessings, the leader hesitates for a moment, looking at the oily skin with disdain. It is then he conceives the idea of gesturing his acknowledgement through a couple of fly kisses. And that, is where it all began. Or not.

The comic mise en scene, coupled with the art of facial expressions, sets one thing clear - on the off chance of getting blessed by your king in ancient Indonesia, or in your modern regular life, oily skin is no bueno. 

The ad film then places the new facewash as a solution to avoid such encounters.

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