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Porter onboards Interbrand to redefine Brand Strategy and Positioning

The agency was roped in to help the brand revisit and elevate their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and Associate Value Proposition (AVP)

Logistics brand Porter has roped in Interbrand to redefine the brand’s strategy and positioning. The agency was roped in to help the brand revisit and elevate their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and Associate Value Proposition (AVP).

In the scope of this undertaking, Interbrand worked closely alongside Porter's leadership team to craft impactful EVP and AVP strategies that articulate the organization's distinctive value proposition.  These strategies play a crucial role for Porter in enabling employees to embrace and embody the essence of the brand while empowering driver partners to infuse the brand's purpose into their everyday interactions with users. Leveraging the brand's positioning, Interbrand also devised Porter's tone of voice and experience principles, resulting in an elevated brand presence across multiple touchpoints. 

Mohit Rathi, AVP - Growth & Marketing at Porter says, “The development of our EVP and AVP holds immense importance for Porter as we aim to establish a strong brand identity, both internally and externally. With Interbrand onboard, we have been able to craft our strategies that embody our brand purpose of moving a billion dreams, one delivery at a time. These strategies will play a pivotal role in nurturing a strong company culture, attracting top-tier talent, and driving the growth of our partner network. In turn, this will significantly bolster our business expansion efforts, not only in India but also on a global scale.” 

Satish Krishnamurthy, Chief Strategy Officer, Interbrand India says “The strength of Brand Porter is directly linked to how well the values are internalized in the company. With a strong EVP, we want to ensure that the ethos of the Porter brand is lived every day by its employees. With a compelling AVP, we want the driver partners to reflect the spirit of the Porter brand in all their interactions, to create a strong consistent brand experience.”

Payal Shah, Strategy Director, Interbrand India, adds, “We're excited to collaborate with Porter on this project. Porter's dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer service is impressive, and we're confident that a strong EVP and AVP will enable the brand to take its success to the next level. Our objective was to develop a proposition that truly embodies Porter's brand ethos and establishes its position as a leading player in the logistics industry.”

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