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Prompt your way to the secrets of GenAI with Adobe, Mondelez, Leo Burnett, Canva, and more

At afaqs! GenAI Masterclass, learn the secrets to using generative AI and its ilk like a seasoned pro.

Prompting is cool. But, have you ever wondered how to do it, or how brands are doing it effortlessly? afaqs! has you covered with its GenAI Masterclass where some of India’s biggest names in advertising and communications like Mondelez, Leo Burnett, Zoo Media, and Talented reveal how they went about creating ads using generative AI. 

And that’s not it. Companies like Canva,, and Adobe too are here to explain how you can use their GenAI offerings with effortless ease. 

Set for January 11, 2024, here is everything you stand to learn from this masterclass. 

Dive into Adobe’s GenAI universe 

Experience the Adobe universe, from using generative AI to generate images, videos, and audio on the fly with Firefly. Once you are done generating, go ahead and understand how Adobe Analytics, its content supply chain Adobe GenStudio, and its marketing automation platform Adobe Marketo will help you manage your content. 

Go deep into Canva’s Magic Studio

A session from Canva which takes you into all the generative AI-led features it launched in 2023 with Magic Studio. The features range from text-based prompts to help you design your marketing collaterals, images, presentations, social media posts, and anything under the marketing communications umbrella. 

Zoom into the power of AI and videos

Understand how generative AI can transform video outreach by letting marketers easily create millions of personalised videos in this session. Key takeaways include appreciating the immense power of video, and how AI can 100x marketing efforts, engagement and conversion.

Generating the wit and charm of Farhan Akhtar for Oreo 

Learn how Leo Burnett fed and trained ChatGPT, over 20 days, to generate answers in the wit and charm of Farhan Akhtar for an Oreo campaign, and how it and production house Prodigious zeroed down on ‘Resemble’, a San Jose-based voice cloning platform, to mimic the actor’s voice. 

Mondelez explains how it used four Ais to build one Happy Birthday song 

AI-generated lyrics, AI-composed music, AI-generated vocals, and real-time generation of personalisation songs – these were four AI offerings Mondelez used to let people make their Happy Birthday song. Learn how it went about it in this sweet session. 

Talented on generating the lives of India’s last living freedom fighters 

Take a trip with creative agency Talented on how it, for Britannia’s Independence Day Campaign, used text-to-video and image-to-video programs, followed by tools for face swapping to bring alive the stories of India’s last living freedom fighters. 

Understand building a GPT on the OpenAI platform from scratch with Zoo Media

Prompt your way to the secrets of GenAI with Adobe, Mondelez, Leo Burnett, Canva, and more

Independent advertising network Zoo Media will take you through how it built a customised GPT (Brainstorm.IO) on the OpenAI platform and uses it so that you can go forward and start building one of your own for your brand. GPT or Generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) is one of the most powerful AI tools at your disposal – look at ChatGPT. Why not build yours? 

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