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Raksha Bandhan '23 campaigns highlight respect and unity

Explore the Raksha Bandhan campaigns of 2023 as brands offer their best takes on the celebration of sibling relationships.

This Raksha Bandhan is set to resonate with some remarkable themes that focus on nurturing relationships, acknowledging biases, and fostering global unity. The widely celebrated festival pays homage to the cherished bond shared between brothers and sisters.

This year, the festivities are scheduled to take place on August 31, 2023.

Annually, brands commemorate Raksha Bandhan by unveiling touching campaigns that encapsulate the profound link of protection and affection woven between siblings.

While this year's overarching themes pivot on the vital significance of valuing and preserving all relationships, a central idea resonating with brands this year revolves around the significance of respect as a fundamental value, transcending labels, genders, and the dynamics of relationships.

The campaigns prompt us to acknowledge and challenge any preconceived notions or stereotypes we may hold, as we work towards fostering greater harmony in our world.

Here's a quick look at some of the Raksha Bandhan ads from 2023:

Cadbury's #BrothersWhoCare

The relationship between brothers and sisters is a powerful one, filled with support, love, and understanding. However, brothers often don't show their affection for their siblings as openly and frequently as they do in romantic relationships. Cadbury Celebrations is looking to alter this pattern with its new campaign, #BrothersWhoCare.

Centred around the idea of #BrothersWhoCare, the campaign's television theme strengthens the brand's message: 'Iss Rakhi, Kuch Accha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye' (This Rakhi, let something good and sweet happen).

This is complemented by a digital brand film that emphasises the importance of brothers strengthening their sibling bond this Rakhi. 

Godrej Industries celebrate rakhi with #RespectAllBandhans

Godrej Industries Limited and its associated companies (GILAC) have unveiled two digital films on their media platforms, Godrej L'Affaire and Godrej Vikhroli Cucina. The #RespectAllBandhans campaign encourages the appreciation and protection of all relationships, while simultaneously advocating awareness of biases and stereotypes, fostering a more united global community. 

These films underline the notion that every bond merits nurturing, irrespective of factors like gender, age, or ethnicity.

The campaign by Godrej L’Affaire prompts us to think: Can we transform biases like flipping a switch, echoing through everyday products? 

It urges users to envision a world free from biases, akin to unity.

Spykar's twist of role reversal

Spykar has unveiled a campaign that breaks away from tradition in an innovative twist. In a departure from the norm, Spykar introduces the "Rakhi Hamper," a gift set designed for sisters to surprise their brothers. The campaign, titled "#ThreadsOfLove", captures the brother-sister bond while embracing innovation and gestures.

Spykar's campaign encourages sisters to surprise their brothers, shifting traditional roles. The videos depict moments and exchanges that define Rakhi, now enriched by these meaningful actions.

Odomos' Suraksha Bands

Odomos takes a bold step inspired by Raksha Bandhan and delivers a message of #SurakshaKaBandhan, highlighting protection against vector-borne diseases between siblings. Traditionally, during Rakhi, a brother pledges to safeguard his sister from all harm. Odomos enhances this sentiment with an ad film, depicting a touching moment between a brother and sister. 

The sister ties an 'Odomos Suraksha Bandhan' to her brother's wrist, stating, "This is the bond of protection from diseases spread by mosquitoes like Dengue and Malaria." In a touching interaction, her younger brother responds by tying the same band on her wrist, symbolising the same commitment.

 As part of the campaign, Odomos extended its Raksha Bandhan celebrations as Suraksha Bandhan bands, along with hampers, were presented to Police Officers, Security Guards, and Traffic Police Officials across prominent cities.

Amazon India's #DeliverTheLove

While many brands opt for a new theme each year, Amazon India has chosen to consistently uphold its #DeliverTheLove series annually. 

The film promptly resonates on an emotional level, transporting us down memory lane. It captures the connection between a brother and sister as they lovingly tie the rakhi and exchange presents in honour of the festival. 

Seen through the innocent eyes of a young boy and his sister, the film elegantly portrays that sibling affection transcends material possessions. It highlights that it's not about the presents received; rather, it's the deep affection shared between siblings and the strengthened bond that truly elevates the significance of the festivities.

Finolex Pipes

Finolex Pipes, has launched a short film that captures the enduring bond between siblings. Crafted and produced by Campen Factory, and directed by Ripunjoy B'yum, the short film captures Raksha Bandhan's essence, celebrating the strong bond between siblings.

The story revolves around a plumber who addresses a client as 'Didi' (sister). As the plot unfolds, the plumber's Rakhi accidentally breaks while he's engrossed in his work, leading to a surge of emotional turmoil. Unexpectedly, the client, upon hearing the term 'Didi', decides to symbolically tie a Rakhi to the plumber.

This small action turns into a touching moment full of heartfelt emotion.

Swiggy's playful love-hate campaign

Swiggy has released a digital film celebrating the sweet love-hate relationship between siblings.

The film features renowned OTT actors Satish Ray, Shrishti Srivastava, and Manik Papneja as three siblings, and takes us through the fun banter and leg-pulling akin to every sibling relationship, revealing the touching story of familial love, and hidden gestures.

The film perfectly captures the emotions of an older brother who loves to spoil his younger sister with everything she could ever want, with a little help from Swiggy, of course.

The film showcases the deep bond between siblings and the playful competition they engage in. In the end, it's clear that they can never really hide their true feelings for each other, and that the love and care they have for each other will always shine through.


Zomato has introduced a short story featuring 'Raksha' and 'Bandhan', two characters who share everything in life except their food. 

The brand invites users to watch this video with their siblings, encouraging them to share a relatable moment and exclaim, "This is exactly like us."

HDFC ERGO #KaroSabkoInsure

The brand has introduced its HDFC ERGO #KaroSabkoInsure initiative. It encourages users to take the essential step of ensuring the health of those who provide us with their services daily.

To kick off this movement, the brand has decided to engage its customers and the wider public through a touching film. This film highlights the profound connections we establish with our household staff.

The film delves into the potential ways through which we can enhance their well-being.

Havells #RishtonKiGrooming campaign

Havells India Limited, has launched its latest campaign, #RishtonKiGrooming, to celebrate the festive occasion of Rakhi.

It emphasises how Raksha Bandhan provides an ideal chance to convey an expression of love and care using Havells' personal grooming products.

In the ad, the sister playfully inquires about her gift, and her brother responds with a surprise box containing cherished childhood photographs.

The video highlights their affectionate interaction and ends with the sister's clear joy as she appreciates the considerate surprise from her brother.

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