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Ram Charan is Manyavar's new brand ambassador

The brand has launched a new campaign #TaiyaarHokarAiye marking the onset of the wedding and festive season.

Manyavar, the men’s fashion celebration wear brand,has announced the appointment of global sensation & global star Ram Charan as the brand ambassador. Manyavar celebrates the appointment with the new campaign #TaiyaarHokarAiye marking the onset of the wedding and festive season. Ram Charan is an example of a modern Indian man who can easily represent the best of what contemporary India has to offer.

The campaign film is a poignant masterpiece that beautifully unravels the timeless tale of a father-son bond. The film comes to life as we witness a proud father fully immersed in the wedding preparations of his son. As the son quietly admires the joyful chaos, his heart is filled with nostalgia, cherishing the precious moments and the invaluable wisdom lovingly imparted by his father over the years. From learning to adapting to changing times to putting your family first, the film portrays the evolving relationship between a father and son, symbolizing the timeless family values of guidance, responsibility, and understanding. As the story reaches its crescendo, it leaves you with a powerful message: while the son readies himself for his wedding, he carries with him the profound knowledge and love handed down by his father, preparing him for the remarkable journey that lies ahead. This is a narrative that will undoubtedly stir one’s soul and compel to experience the entire film.

Speaking about this association, Ram Charan said, "I am excited to be associated with Manyavar, a brand that has consistently redefined men's festive fashion in India. Manyavar's commitment to innovation, tradition, and family values resonates deeply with my own principles, making this partnership particularly special to me. It is always a moment of pride and joy to celebrate weddings & festivities and what better way than by making a style statement in Manyavar.”

Vedant Modi, chief revenue officer of Vedant Fashions expressed his excitement about the collaboration, "We are honored to welcome Ram Charan to the Manyavar family. His charisma, charm, and global appeal among a diverse audience align perfectly with Manyavar's vision of dressing the modern Indian man. With Ram Charan, we are confident that he will have an impeccable connection with our audiences"

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