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Ravi Shastri and MS Dhoni indulge in a celebratory 'Chaach' in new WinZO ad

The 45-second ad has been conceptualised by Tanmay Bhatt and Devai Bopanna's creative agency, Moonshot.

In a new advertisement for online gaming platform WinZO, cricketing legends MS Dhoni and Ravi Shastri engage in a spirited Ludo match, drawing parallels between the uncertainties of the board game and the cricket field.

With the ad, WinZO aims to equate the thrill of online gaming with a cricket match.The 45 second ad has been created jointly by Moonshot (ad agency run by Tanmay Bhatt and Devaia Bopanna) with Vishal Dayama.

The ad begins with Dhoni asking Shastri for suggestions on how to win in a game of Ludo, drawing a comparison between Ludo and cricket by emphasising their unpredictable nature.

"Ludo is like cricket. Last-minute game badalta hai (the game changes in the last minute). Ludo mein drinks break hota hai (There's a drinks break in Ludo)," Shastri quips, setting the tone for the friendly banter that ensues.

Dhoni plays his move, scoring a six and ending the game in style. Shastri, in his characteristic style, exclaims, "Dhoni finishes off in style," capturing the essence of the moment. Interestingly, Shastri said the exact same line when Dhoni shot a sixer to win the ICC World Cup of 2011.

To commemorate Dhoni's Ludo achievement, Shastri proposes a celebratory drink. This collaboration with Moonshot follows their previous work with Shastri on a Cred advertisement, where his indulgence also played a central role.

However, in this ad, Shastri's eagerness for a drink transforms into a disapproving "ew" when he is offered 'Chaach' as the chosen celebratory beverage.

The ad wraps up with an invitation to gaming enthusiasts, encouraging them to join WinZO and participate in various games for a chance to win prizes worth crores.

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