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redBus promotes online ticket booking in a humorous campaign, urges travellers to shun ‘Time-Pass’

The campaign is set to be released across TV and digital media channels across the country.

redBus, an online bus ticketing platform, has launched an ad campaign to promote online ticket booking on its platform, by taking a humorous swipe at traditional ticket booking methods that are usually cumbersome and inconvenient.

Titled as Time Pass Skip Karo, the ad campaign comprises a series of six independent 20-second reel-like, ‘slice of life’ instances associated with intercity bus travel that passengers can relate to the most.   

The campaign is set to be released across TV and digital media channels across the country.

The short ad films showcase the hassles associated with traditional, over the counter bus ticket booking, compared to on app booking, that are quick and convenient, while also offering features and benefits that transform the experience of travel.

Each of the six ad films addresses a specific pain point associated with traditional ticket booking and highlights the solutions online booking through redBus has to offer. These include on-app features such as seat selection, discounts, route coverage, live bus tracking, free bus change, and selection of favourite bus operator.

Expressing her enthusiasm at the launch of the campaign, Pallavi Chopra, CMO, redBus stated, "This is a very special campaign, in the sense that we have adopted a very region-focused approach to ensure that the narrative of the benefits of embracing online ticket booking methods, strikes a chord with our target audience. The dialogues in the ad-films are therefore very relatable to people of specific regions, such as Madhya Pradesh or Delhi for example, as opposed to creating a ‘one for all’ campaign and dubbing it in multiple regional languages. With the summer travel season upon us, this campaign is perfectly timed to capitalize on increased travel demand. Our creative partners have done a fantastic job of not only being able to captivate the audience, but also connect with them emotionally through the ad films."

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