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Reliance Jewels' new films redefine relationship dynamics this Valentine's Day

The films have been conceptualised and executed by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi.

Reliance Jewels breaks the stereotype by calling women as stronger half this Valentine's Day. In a society, where men are often assumed to be stronger in relationships due to their physical strength, women are often seen as the 'better half' due to their maturity, forgiveness, affection, courage, and practicality. However, men can sometimes be weaker.

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi has created two films for Reliance Jewels, aiming to redefine love, relationships, and power dynamics in today's world where equal sharing of responsibility and resources is the norm.

The films, titled 'Not better half but your stronger half', emphasise the importance of women as equal partners, providing support and resilience. Their strength comes from nurturing families, pursuing dreams, overcoming challenges, and leading with grace, especially when men are vulnerable and fallible.

The campaign tells the story of 2 different couples through relatable moments. One of the films showcases how a husband excitedly packing for a jungle safari gets scared at the mere sight of a lizard.

In the other, the husband is mortified by the nocturnal eerie sounds he hears in his dimly lit home while lighting a candle for an intimate dinner. To this the wives mock their men by calling them “Fattu” (timid or lacking courage).

Men retort and admit that they are not scared as they are in the presence "stronger" half. They surprise her with a Valentine's Day gift, such as a pendant or ring, from Reliance Jewels. The brand also plans interesting activations for lucky couples visiting their stores during this period.

While the brand hopes that it will be able to entice many women through this gesture, it remains to be seen how many men actually recognise and admit to this modern reality.  

Love represents the bond shared by a couple, their love and appreciation for one another. Reliance Jewels have introduced this collection to represent the strength and accomplishments of women who play multiple roles in today's world with utmost grace.

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