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RK Swamy creates government website for 'Sengol'

The sacred sceptre was recently placed in the new Parliament building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently placed 'Sengol', a sacred sceptre with historical ties to Tamil Nadu, in the new Parliament building. Most Indians were unaware of the existence of this revered sceptre until its relocation from the Allahabad Museum to the new Parliament building. For all those who are looking online to find out more about it, the government has launched a website, 'The Sengol', that is a one-stop destination for all the details.

The ad world has a small contribution to this historic moment for the country. Offering information in 13 languages, the website has been created by the advertising agency RK Swamy. From its extensive history to the role of symbols, the website has aesthetically presented all details of the sceptre. It is presented in slide format and contains both videos and textual information.

Originally associated with royal regalia in the ancient Western region, this sacred artefact gained prominence as a symbol of the transition of royal authority during the five-century rule of the Cholas of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. It was given to India's first president, Jawaharlal Nehru, to symbolise the handover of authority from the British. All this history and much more is available on the government's website. 

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