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Saffola Gold's latest campaign highlights the health risks of 60 at 40

The campaign conceptualised by Mullen Lintas encourages consumers to take a “Roz Ka Healthy Step” by choosing the right oil for a healthier lifestyle.

Saffola, has launched a new ad film introducing the enriching “Power of 3” – the good balance of MUFA and PUFA, antioxidants and vitamins – present in scientifically formulated Saffola Gold Oil.

The TVC aims to promote the adoption of better practices and a healthier lifestyle by taking a “Roz Ka Healthy Step” to prevent the early onset of health issues that are typically experienced at the age of 60, arising now at the age of 40. It is widely known that diet is a major factor responsible for maintaining good health. Hence, it becomes critical to not just consume oil in moderation but also to choose the right oil to prepare daily meals for a healthier lifestyle.

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, the TVC opens with a young 40-year-old man sharing the news of his promotion as the CEO with his family. Playfully, the father remarks on his son’s early achievement at 40, instead of the traditional 60. To this, the concerned sister points out that success can bring stress, potentially leading to health issues usually observed in individuals in their 60s, causing the elderly mother to worry.  However, the mood lightens when the wife reassures everyone that their daily meals are prepared using Saffola Gold, thus making their food healthier and contributing to their well-being.

The brand recently unveiled a new sound identity developed by BrandMusiq, a new feature designed to evoke emotions of compassion and comfort through the Shanta Rasa and confidence through the Veera Rasa. The calming tune, composed with a variety of instruments and ending with the sound of a strong heartbeat, communicates the brand's dedication to caring for and nurturing its customers' well-being.

Speaking about the campaign, Somasree Bose Awasthi, chief marketing officer, Marico said, “As a health-centric legacy brand, we’ve always prioritised consumer health. We are committed to educating them on the effectiveness of building lasting habits for healthier living including a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. The new ad reflects the brand promise and commitment towards the well-being of its consumers by encouraging them to take “Roz Ka Healthy Step” and the unique sonic identity brings with it a fresh promise of care and nurturance.”

Echoing his thoughts, Ram Cobain, CCO, Mullen Lintas said, “In today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world, success often comes at a price, Our health. Young people are falling prey to conditions that were once seen as afflictions of old age. Our creative idea was to land this serious insight with a ‘lightness' of touch, pretty much like how the oil is. Truth is, while there are many external stressors beyond our control, the one big step we can own (and take) to mitigate risk, is the small one of choosing the right cooking oil. And if good health is made mostly in the kitchen and not in the gym, then the tastiest way to get healthier is with Saffola Gold.”

Speaking about his experience in developing the sonic identity of Saffola, Rajeev Raja, Founder & Soundsmith BrandMusiq said, “It was fantastic to create a sonic identity for a brand as iconic as Saffola. The client ask was to ‘positivise’ heart health in sonic terms. Using our unique brand process, we created a MOGOSCAPE that was optimistic and cheerful yet balanced with the right amount of caring and reassurance. And of course, a MOGO (musical logo) which had a strong melodic hook and was signed off with the unmistakable sound of a healthy heartbeat!

Agency Name: Mullen Lintas

Chief Executive Officer: Hari Krishnan

Chief Creative Officer: Ram Cobain

Executive Director: Sharon Picardo

Executive Creative Director: Kapil Ojha

Group Creative Director: Ashwin Joharapurkar

Creative Director: Sneha Rajan

Production House: Colonial Films

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