Ubaid Zargar

Samsung debuts its AI-powered camera for the new Galaxy S24 smartphone series

The brand has introduced a new ad film to demonstrate just how much AI is crucial to its new tech.

Samsung took the wraps off its much-anticipated Galaxy S24 smartphone series at it’s recent Unpacked event, showcasing a triumvirate of AI-powered marvels – the S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24. The South Korean tech giant is placing a substantial bet on artificial intelligence to elevate the flagship smartphone experience for users worldwide.

Central to the unveiling was the introduction of Galaxy AI, Samsung's comprehensive suite of AI-driven features and utilities. The phones boast a fusion of local and cloud-based AI applications, incorporating cutting-edge technology such as Google Gemini, a formidable competitor to OpenAI's GPT-4 large language model.

At the heart of these devices lies a new era of AI-infused video and photo editing tools. Notable among these innovations is a feature that seamlessly fills in missing frames in both photos and videos, transcending traditional limitations.

Users can now circle objects in a photo, granting them the power to resize, isolate, or relocate elements within their visual narratives. The result is an intriguing exploration of the boundaries of what defines a photograph. All new features are illustrated in a dedicated ad film.

Titled 'The Artful Awakening', the ad is set in an art museum. The film unfolds as a Samsung user effortlessly captures optimal shots from a distance, outsmarting the bustling crowd. The characters in the plot are none other than the oil paintings adorning the walls, personified to articulate the developments in Samsung's AI-led camera infrastructure.

The tech giant has not stopped at merely enhancing the hardware and software aspects of its smartphones; it has also forged a strategic partnership with social media platform Instagram. The popular social media platform has pledged to accommodate HDR-quality content from Samsung S24 users, ensuring that the vibrant colours and definition of the photos remain uncompromised and true to the original shot.

Other social media platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp are also going to be leveraging S24's innate camera features.

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