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Samsung takes dig at Apple’s crushing iPad Pro ad with its new film for the Galaxy Tab S9 series

The Apple ad disappointed a larger audience, seeing it as heartbreaking and uncomfortable.

After Apple received flak from netizens worldwide for its new Crush ad promoting the new iPad Pro, Samsung seized the opportunity to promote its Galaxy Tab S9 series. The company promotes creativity and highlights its features in the spot. The ad was created by BBH USA and directed by Zen Pace.

Samsung Mobile US published the ad on X (formerly Twitter) titled #UnCrush. In the ad, a woman walks over a mess and spilled paint, which reminds people of the end of Apple's big hydraulic press ad. She sits down, hums, and plays guitar notes. She is helped by notes shown on her Galaxy Tab S9 series and the power of Galaxy AI.

However, the ad received mixed feedback from X users, with some saying that Samsung's inspiration relies heavily on Apple's creativity. A user wrote, “This ad shows you don't have any to begin with tbh (to be honest).”

Another user commented, “Impressive…yet you DID crush those ‘creative things’…for this ad, only not shown. Must be unescapable karma.”

On the other hand, the ad received some praise from a few users who called it “Legendary” and “Great response”.

On May 7, 2024, Apple introduced the latest iPad Pro at its “Let Loose” event. Its ad Crush received a lot of criticism from netizens who strongly disliked the ad calling it heartbreaking and uncomfortable.

Hollywood actors like Hugh Grant, Justine Bateman, Asif Kapadia, and Luke Barnett criticized the ad because they thought it was insensitive to things created with hard work. Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan also spoke out against the ad, saying it was sad and ignorant.

Apple responded to the criticism and apologised for creating the same saying it would not air the ad on television.

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