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SBI Life’s ‘Mummy Ki Apni Pehchaan’ campaign to celebrate mothers who embrace their identity

The film showcases empowering journey of women life insurance advisors balancing family care with crafting financial strategies for clients.

SBI Life Insurance has released a new Mummy Ki Apni Pehchaan digital film which aims to highlight the contributions made by mothers to embrace their identity as a Life Mitra i.e. SBI Life’s insurance agent, who also act as financial advisors for their client’s families, while continuing to be the caregivers for their own loved ones.

The film highlights how one such Life Mitra becomes an inspiration for her daughter, when she steps in her mother’s shoes for a day.

From managing portfolios to providing sound financial guidance, these women navigate the complexities of the financial industry especially the insurance sector with their skill and expertise, all while taking care of their familial responsibilities and supporting their families.

The film unfolds with a scene in an ordinary household, where a mother in her early 40’s is seen managing her professional duty as a ‘Life insurance advisor’ along with her personal responsibility. Struggling with a sore throat, the woman is seen taking a few work calls. Post the calls, her daughter comes in and offers to take over her mother's work calls for the day, showcasing her eagerness to help her mother rest.

A montage follows, depicting the daughter diligently taking calls, taking notes, and attempting to handle her mother's workload. The mother is amused and proud to see her daughter's enthusiasm and effort. During a conversation over a meal, the daughter realises that her mother's job involves providing advice and understanding people's needs to guide them appropriately.

She expresses her admiration towards her mother's role as a Life Mitra and is inspired by the way her mother manages everything from work to home needs.

Speaking on the campaign Ravindra Sharma, chief of brand, corporate communication and CSR at SBI Life, said, "A mother is the first mentor to her children. With her instinct, she very well understands her child’s needs, similarly in a professional set-up too with great empathy she is able to comprehend and provide right solutions to address the needs of her clients. They are known for taking up numerous roles at one time and still excel in all.

"To pay tribute to such remarkable mother’s, SBI Life’s ‘Mummy Ki Apni Pehchaan’ aims to showcase a day in the life of a life mitra, her commitment towards her profession and personal responsibilities which is a source of inspiration for her kids. Through the film, we aim to rejoice the inspiring stories of women advisors who defy expectations and excel in this profession of insuring lives while also being devoted mothers. Through their leadership, empathy, and determination, they not only secure the financial futures of their clients but also serve as role models for their children and communities at large," he adds.

He further shares, “Our ‘Life Mitras’ embody the spirit of 'Apne Liye Apno Ke Liye' in every interaction. Their dedication to their craft while nurturing their families sets a remarkable example for mother’s everywhere. These mothers are not just life insurance advisors; they are role models for their families and communities, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to balance personal dreams with family commitments. Our aim is to foster an ecosystem that fuels their aspirations, providing the necessary support and resources to strike a harmonious balance between personal growth and familial commitments."

Sahil Shah, president – digital experience at Dentsu Creative, shares, "At Dentsu Creative, we're honoured to collaborate with SBI Life on this empowering Mother's Day campaign. Celebrating the remarkable journey of Life Mitra mothers, our digital film is an output of insightful conversations with real-life Life Mitra mothers, capturing their remarkable journey of self-discovery and empowerment."

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