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SC criticises Ramdev for 'absolute defiance' in Patanjali ads case, urging conclusion of contempt plea: ET

The SC reprimanded Patanjali for misleading advertisements, despite an apology and warning of contempt charges and potential consequences.

According to a report on ET, the Supreme Court has ruled against Patanjali Ayurved for violating its orders in a misleading advertisements case, expressing disapproval of the company's affidavit. The court has given Patanjali a final chance to file a better response in its contempt proceedings, with the case set to be heard on April 10.

The court criticised Patanjali for giving a press conference within 24 hours, indicating they were aware of the proceedings and violated it. The court is considering taking the contempt plea against Patanjali to the 'logical conclusion', stating that there are exceptions to the majesty of law.

Patanjali Ayurved was required to file two affidavits for two different contempts, one regarding the company's continued publication of misleading advertisements and the other regarding failure to respond to the contempt notice issued to Balakrishna and the company.

The Supreme Court has held the government responsible for the misleading advertisements of Patanjali Ayurved, a company that claims to treat various diseases and smear other systems of medicine through their advertisements. The Indian Medical Association filed a plea alleging a smear campaign by the company against modern medicine.

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