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Advertising celebrates Durga Shakti of women through its new campaign

The campaign draws inspiration from Goddess Durga, honoring the resilience and grit of the women of India., the CSR arm of, has consistently championed social transformation with a strong emphasis on women empowerment. This Durga Puja, is connecting with its audience through its latest campaign titled ‘The Spirit of Durga’. Going beyond the festival’s religious significance, the film celebrates the indomitable strength of women (goddesses).

Durga is known as the Goddess of Shakti who won in battling the demon Mahishasur. People seek her blessings to battle their demons but often fail to notice the battles fought by the women around them. Bringing this into focus, the film showcases how working-class women navigate through personal and professional life schedules, multitasking tirelessly while defying societal stereotypes.

The film is a reminder for every woman to never give up on situations and be #RevolutioNaari. It also urges the society to respect women and appreciate their transition between roles as wives, mothers, sisters, and employees. 

Speaking on the new digital film, Johanna Israni, social media marketing,, said, “Pujo is often seen as a celebration of good over evil while overlooking the battles fought by Maa Durga to get there. This campaign is a reminder that there will be ups and downs in life. So when women embody the spirit of the goddess, it is not about achieving perfection, but the shakti that enables them to keep fighting the good fight. ” The film is available across all social media platforms.

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