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Shankar Mahadevan forgets to leave his wallet at home in RuPay's IPL spot

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group, the campaign demonstrates how linking RuPay credit cards to UPI eradicates the necessity of carrying a wallet.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) unveils RuPay – Link it, Forget it campaign at Indian Premier League (IPL). Conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group, the campaign aims at increasing awareness about RuPay Credit cards which can be linked to a UPI ID, thus directly enabling safe, and secure payments.

With the introduction of RuPay Credit Card on UPI, the concept of purposely leaving the physical wallet isn't just a convenience; it's becoming a lifestyle. The acceptance and love from the audience for this feature underscore its significance. Consumers are marvelling at the freedom and security of making transactions with just their mobile phones, hailing it as a significant step forward in digital payment convenience.

The Link It, Forget It campaign featuring the vibrant Shankar Mahadevan and others, humorously suggests that leaving your wallet at home is no longer a concern. Having a RuPay Credit Card makes your wallet so redundant that you must remember to forget it at home. The ads bring behaviors to light where characters simply forgot to forget their wallets at home and awkwardness ensued.

With RuPay, there’s credit in forgetting the wallet. As part of the campaign, more ad films developed by DDB Mudra Group will be released throughout the league season.

Commenting on the campaign, Ramesh Yadav, chief marketing officer, NPCI, said, “RuPay's innovative offering of linking credit cards on UPI marks a transformative moment in the payments space, fundamentally altering how credit cards are perceived and used. Through the 'Link it, Forget it' campaign, RuPay is not just presenting a different payment method but also positioning itself as simple yet essential go-to choice in the gamut of options available today. The novelty, ease of use, coupled with a rewarding journey on every transaction are what sets the brand apart and makes it more than just a credit card. This ingenious strategy signifies a remarkable shift in consumer payment behaviour and highlights our unwavering commitment to enhancing convenience through technological advancements and expanding the accessibility of digital payments. So, link your RuPay credit cards to UPI and leave your bulky wallets at home.”

Rahul Mathew, chief creative officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “A credit card that works on UPI is not just a game-changer, but also behavior-changing. It lets you ditch your wallet and still enjoy all the benefits of a credit card. Through this campaign, we are urging people to break the habit of carrying cards and opt for RuPay instead. And told it through fun stories around forgetting to forget your wallet.”

Customers can link RuPay credit cards with their preferred UPI apps including BHIM and enjoy the convenience of UPI alongside the benefits of credit cards.

Campaign Credits:

Creative Agency: DDB Mudra

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