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Share it on WhatsApp says Spotify’s new spots

The music streaming giant now lets you share your favourite songs on the messaging app.

Some songs evoke memories of moments from nearly a decade ago or can remind you of the emotional state one was in a while ago… Spotify’s new spots bank on these 'pal' as it tells us that we can now share songs with anyone over WhatsApp.

It’s pretty simple. Just click on the three dots above the song/album art and press ‘share’.

Recently, Spotify had released two ads to push its two ‘premium mini’ subscription plans: a daily plan for Rs 7, or a week-long plan for Rs 25. We (afaqs!) feel that it is a neat move to change the minds and even attitudes of listeners about paying for music streaming services.

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Neha Ahuja, head of marketing, Spotify told us, “We launched the ‘mini’ keeping in mind that there’s an issue in willingness to pay.” She went on to state that the plans are meant to lure potential subscribers to “try out the experience and see how it feels, whether it’s the sound quality, the ad-free music, the capability to download.” It’s great to generate trials so that once you experience it, you’re more likely to hop on to a long-term plan.

Along with its popular playlists, the music streamer has been banking on its podcasts offering to lure listeners. It has released a series of ads where it touted its 2 million-plus podcasts.

On Spotify’s plan for podcast originals, Ahuja said, “Our strength is podcast originals, not just (coming) from India, but also the international basket that’s available in India… We will continue to build the category… We will give users more moments to listen to a podcast. We say this internally that podcasts are meant for an occasion when your hands are busy, but your minds are free.”

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