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Sirona Hygiene launches the #TheBloodyConversation campaign to dismantle the stigma around periods

The video highlights the lack of men's awareness about menstrual health and emphasises the significance of discussions about it.

Sirona Hygiene, The Good Glamm Group’s portfolio brand and a brand in menstrual hygiene products, is revolutionising the conversation around menstruation with the launch of its #TheBloodyConversation campaign.

In recognition of Menstrual Hygiene Day, this initiative aims to dismantle the taboos, ignorance and stigma surrounding periods, particularly among men, and insists on the necessity of open, unfiltered dialogue.

In line with its commitment to drive change, this Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28), Sirona encourages everyone to just have "TheBloodyConversation." The campaign video, sheds light on the lack of awareness amongst men when it comes to periods, emphasising the importance of open and comfortable conversations about menstrual health.

As part of an eye-opening experiment, men in the video are equipped with a simulator device that replicates period pain each time they answer a period-related question incorrectly. With this campaign, Sirona wants to emphasise that by just having the bloody conversation, we can promote a more informed, empathetic, and equitable society where menstrual health is understood and supported. It’s time we normalise periods and ensure that everyone has the resources and knowledge they need to manage them with dignity.

"At Sirona, we refuse to tiptoe around the subject of menstruation," asserts Anika Wadhera, head of marketing, Sirona Hygiene, Good Glamm Group. "Our #TheBloodyConversation campaign challenges societal norms that perpetuate silence and misinformation. By compelling everyone to engage openly and honestly, we are driving towards a future where menstrual health is universally understood, respected, and supported."

According to recent research, the menstrual hygiene market has experienced substantial growth, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% from 2019 to 2023. Over the past two years, there has been a significant shift in the conversation surrounding menstrual hygiene, marked by a 25% increase in online searches related to menstrual health and hygiene. Throughout this period Sirona has led multiple campaigns aimed at educating the public and destigmatising menstruation.

Sirona’s assertive approach with #TheBloodyConversation is designed to provoke thought and action, demanding for change. It underscores the critical importance of normalising period discussions, ensuring that everyone—regardless of gender—has the knowledge and resources needed to manage menstrual health with dignity and respect.

Through this campaign, Sirona aims to cultivate a more informed, empathetic, and equitable society, dismantling the taboos surrounding menstruation and foster an environment where conversations about menstrual health are as commonplace and accepted as any other health discussion.

Since 2015, Sirona has led the way in this category by developing modern and innovative solutions for problems related to menstrual hygiene. By encouraging candid discussions about menstruation, Sirona has played a significant role in breaking taboos and enabling women to confidently manage their menstrual health.

Sirona continues to innovate and expand its range of products to cater to the diverse needs of menstruators. From menstrual cups to period pain relief patches, Sirona offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that prioritise comfort, convenience, and sustainability. Join Sirona in breaking taboos, challenging stereotypes, and championing menstrual health for all.

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