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smallcase turns parent-kid equation upside down in new ads

It’s the fintech brand’s third ad burst, after its maiden campaign in January 2022.

Kids have always imagined their parents facing the music from them than the usual other way round. smallcase, a fintech company which lets users invest in theme-based equity portfolios through its app, has turned this imagination into two ads.

The ads — made by a team led by Devaiah Bopanna and Tanmay Bhat — show kids taking the role of parents and vice versa. The ads aim to not only build awareness about the brand, but also push viewers to download the app.

Making children act like adults in ads is not new and in India, it was e-comm major Flipkart which popularised it in a series of ads that spanned a few years.

The ads are the third set of ads from smallcase. Its maiden campaign was released in January 2022. Vasanth Kamath, founder & CEO, smallcase, had then said that it was an opportune time to release the ads and create more awareness about the platform because of a sudden surge in demat accounts.

Over the past three years, the number of demat accounts have more than tripled (over 10 crores now), said a September 2022 Times of India report.

The first campaign which comprised three ads showed how Indians are more than ever developing an investor mindset and can take the most random of conversations and link it to equities.

Getting users to download the app is a push most fintech players make in their communications. What is important is the user experience once the app is opened. A poor experience often leads to app uninstalls and a weak chance of being downloaded again.

Credits (as per Devaiah Bopanna’s LinkedIn post)

Devaiah Bopanna

Tanmay Bhat

Puneet Chadha

Deep Joshi

Production House: Bang Band Mediacorp

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