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Social Media influencer ‘Foodpharmer’ takes down viral Cadbury Bournvita post

The influencer who had posted a video about sugar content in Bournvita has apologised to the brand after allegedly receiving a legal notice

Social Media influencer Revant Himatsingka (Foodpharmer) has taken down a post of his that spoke about the nutritional value of Cadbury BournVita and its sugar content. The influencer has aplogised to the brand and has stated he has received a legal notice for the video.

“I created a video on Cadbury Bournvita which incidentally went viral after receiving nearly 12 million views on Instagram. Some known personalities such as Paresh Rawalji, cricketer Kirti Azadji shared it on Twitter and actor Madhavan also liked the video.”

“I have decided to take down the (Bournvita) video after receiving a legal notice from one of India’s biggest law firms on 13 April. I apologise to Cadbury for making the video. I did not plan or intend to infringe any trademark or defame any company nor do I have the interest or resources to participate in any court cases and I request MNCs to not take this forward legally,” the influencer said in a statement. 

 A few days ago, Himatsingka, who discusses food and nutrition through his social media account, posted a video about the malt drink Bournvita (the video has now been taken down). 

In his video he had claimed that the brand has miscommunicated the product's nutritional value. He had also claimed that Bournvita has sugar, cocoa solids, colour 150 degrees C (which he claimed can cause cancer), an emulsifier, and liquid glucose. 

Following which,  the brand issued a statement communicating the nutritional value of the malt drink.

afaqs! contacted Mondelez for a statement and did not receive a reply until the time of publication of the report. The report will be updated when the company responds.

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