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Sourav Ganguly revives iconic jersey-waving moment for Bisk Farm's cricket campaign

The campaign ‘Me Time, Marie Time’ celebrates the passion of diehard superstitious Indian cricket fans.

Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian cricket captain, takes center stage in a new advertising campaign for Bisk Farm's Rich Marie biscuits. The campaign, titled "Me Time, Marie Time," taps into the passionate and superstitious nature of Indian cricket fans.

In India, cricket is more than just a sport; it's a way of life, and the fans are known for their unique superstitions when it comes to supporting the national team. The campaign captures these quirky rituals and behaviors that cricket fans engage in during matches.

Sourav Ganguly, who is also the brand ambassador for Bisk Farm Rich Marie biscuits, reenacts his famous jersey-waving moment, a historic gesture in Indian cricket history, in the campaign. This time, he recreates the iconic scene not from a cricket stadium but from the comfort of his couch.

The campaign is designed to connect with cricket enthusiasts and celebrate their dedication to the sport and their role in supporting the Indian cricket team. It features Ganguly wearing his lucky jersey, ensuring that no one moves from their seats until the match concludes. He also adorns himself with numerous good luck charms and performs a mini-puja (prayer) for the cricket bats to ensure India's victory.

The TV commercial portrays Ganguly as a superstitious fan, and the campaign humorously captures the essence of how Indian cricket fans contribute to the team's success. It highlights the various quirky and relatable behaviors displayed by fans during cricket matches, further cementing cricket's position as a beloved part of Indian culture.

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