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Tanishq’s latest ad tries to get into new wedding rituals

Conceptualised by Tanishq and Lowe Lintas, the film showcases how a wedding day is the day of celebrating your choices.

Indian weddings, over the years, tend to favour the groom’s family. Be it rituals or anything else, the groom and his family (‘ladkewale’) have always had the upper hand. But Tanishq’s latest ad has tried to break the norm.

One of India’s leading jewellery brands, has unveiled a campaign for its wedding exclusive sub-brand Rivaah, with a modern twist. While the film revolves around the concept of wedding like all its earlier campaigns, what is different this time around is the new narrative, featuring a ‘modern’ bride.

Sagar Kapoor, chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas, says, “We always have a different perspective on weddings. This time around, the POV for the campaign was a young bride. This modern bride believes in equality. For her, both her as well as the groom’s place, are equal.”

Conceptualised by Tanishq and Lowe Lintas, the film showcases how a wedding day is the day of celebrating your choices.

The brand, in an Instagram post, shares, “From choosing your partner, to choosing how you want your life to be, wedding day is the day of celebrating your choices. When you think of all the choices you’ve made so far, you feel a sense of pride and also gratitude. Gratitude for your mom for always understanding and supporting those choices. As this bride makes another choice, she knows her mother will embrace it with great joy.”

In the ad, the bride is seen having a conversation about visiting her parents place, with her mother. When her mother asks whose place she will visit first post-wedding, the bride replies that both are her homes and she’ll visit the one she wants to.

Kapoor adds, “Purane rivazo ke saath kuchh naye rivaaz bhi banaye jaye – was the core insight behind the campaign.”

While this year’s campaign is all about modern brides and new rituals, previous campaign (2021) was about traditions. Last film featured brides from six communities – Punjabi, Bihari, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil.

The film provided a beautiful canvas on the thought process of today’s bride, who wants to wholeheartedly celebrate and participate in her wedding.

“Every jewellery we wear has a story behind it. Last year’s campaign was about tradition, where the bride’s character talks about jewellery. But this year, we have brought in a new wedding narrative,” shares Kapoor.

According to him, everyone seems to love the latest campaign.

Tanishq, which is part of Titan Company, launched its first sub-brand Mia for working women in 2011. Rivaah is Tanishq’s second sub-brand. It has been designed and conceptualised by the design team of the company specifically for brides from all over India.

Rivaah, is a union of ‘Riwaaz’ and ‘Vivah’. It offers a wide range of bridal jewellery created with traditional craftsmanship and modern motifs.

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