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The best of '23 Mother's Day ads

Brands across categories make an effort to recall every instance of the invaluable role that mothers play in our lives.

We all hold a special place in our hearts for our mothers. They’re always busy taking care of their families and household chores. And, they’re often rewarded in the form of kisses, hugs, gifts, etc.

To honour them, every second Sunday of May, is celebrated as Mother’s Day. This year, it’s May 14.

Since Mother’s Day strikes a chord with almost everyone, brands try to make the most of the day by creating inspiring campaigns. To promote their brand and capture maximum attention, they try to create priceless experiences through their campaigns.

From skincare to fashion to food, brands across categories make an effort to recall every instance of the invaluable role that mothers play in our lives.

Here are some Mother’s Day ads in India that caught our attention this year:


The leading food delivery platform has changed its brand name to ‘Mazoto’ in a video, to reiterate the fact that ‘Ma always comes first’. The video features a food delivery platform that is created exclusively by mothers.

The video’s interface, looks and works almost like Zomato, with the exception that everything is ‘Mo(m)dified’ – with promo codes such as ‘CLEANROOM25’ for 25% off on orders.

The video is light-hearted and conveys the underlying warmth of mothers’ favourite love language, i.e., food.

In addition to the video, Zomato will introduce an engaging feature, called ‘ChildGPT’, to take customers on an emotional journey. It will be available on the app for the duration of Mother’s Day.

Asian Paints

The brand has launched three films, as a part of its Mother’s Day campaign. The films revolve around the theme of gifting. #GiftingMadeEzy, features a mother who’s never happy with any gift.

To make the gifting process easier, the ads use humour and show how ‘achaar’ (pickle), ‘frame’ and a ‘paiso ka ped’ (money plant) can be the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.


The online bus ticketing platform has released a film, titled ‘Give maa a break’, to mark the occasion. The film captures the essence of the relationship between ‘a mother and her son’. It depicts a mother’s unconditional love and affection towards her child/children. The message is clear – we often forget that our mothers need a break too.

Amazon India

The e-commerce giant has launched a heartfelt campaign, #DeliverTheLove. The video is all about how a mother can take the place of everyone, but no one else can take her place. The brand tries to convey the message – “Her love can’t fit in a box, then why should yours? This Mother’s Day, #DeliverTheLove!”

LG India

The electronics company, in its campaign #MaaMakesItBetter, captures the impact of a mother’s love, all the way from her pregnancy to taking care of a child. The film showcases LG products that enhance a mother’s ability to create a nurturing environment at home.

Air India

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Tata group-owned airline has released a film – a tribute to mothers around the world.

The film is shot by different creators from around the world. It features Grammy-nominated Afrofuturist musician Pierce Freelon, Pakistani-Korean creator Fahila Muzaffar, and digital creator Winnie Lee from Toronto.


The leading watch brand has launched #MOMentsTogether, a social media campaign, to encourage kids to give their moms a much deserved break from all the trivial questions, and direct them, instead, to Titan’s Ask A-आई chatbot.

From “Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?” to “Have you seen my keys?”, mothers are often our go-to people, when it comes to answering questions, no matter how obvious or unnecessary they may be.

The best of '23 Mother's Day ads

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, Titan stirred up a social media buzz, with moms holding signs, demanding time off. As the chatter grew louder, everyone discussed the alarming phenomenon of mothers disappearing.

To amplify the conversation, Titan also curated Reels and memes.


DS Spiceco, a part of the DS Group, has launched a campaign for Catch salts and spices, titled #MaaKaEhsaas. The emotional film depicts the sacrifices made by mothers to ensure a better life for their children.

The film shows a mother cooking and secretly delivering food to her daughter, Nimmi, every day, at an orphanage. The food becomes their only connection, while being separated, and allows the mother to express #MaaKaEhsaas to her daughter.

Conceptualised by Grapes and produced by The Titus Upputuru Company, the campaign aims to strengthen the brand’s ongoing key proposition of ‘Kyunki Khana Sirf Khana Nahi Hota’. The brand leverages this connection to pay tribute to mothers across the world for their unwavering love.

Yippee and Snapchat

Yippee (An ITC-owned company) and Snapchat have teamed up to offer ‘Snapchatters’ an exciting way to commemorate Mother's Day this year. As a part of this collaboration, Snapchat has launched a dual camera lens that features a game, called ‘Guess Her Favourite Yippee Ingredient’. This game allows mothers and children to engage in guessing which Yippee pasta ingredient the former likes the most.

The best of '23 Mother's Day ads

Not only does the lens provide a fun game, but it also encourages Snapchatters to prepare their mom’s preferred Yippee pasta by revealing the correct answer. The game involves selecting from a range of popular flavours and ingredients offered by Yippee, making it an enjoyable activity for the entire family.

Latin Quarters

The premium western women’s wear brand is celebrating the unconventional paths of mothers from different walks of life, in its digital campaign, #DearMaa. The campaign honours and uplifts unique stories of motherhood.

It puts the spotlight on women who’ve overcome societal and financial hardships, amongst other challenges, to emerge as strong individuals, creating a niche for themselves and their children.

The campaign’s title (#DearMaa) is a twist on a commonly used expression, to pay a tribute to moms. The initiative seeks to empower mothers to create their own unique narrative in everything they do.

Godrej Group

The leading conglomerate is celebrating Mother’s Day in an unconventional style, with #PerfectforMomRecipes. Conceptualised and executed by The Godrej Group’s corporate brand and Communication team, along with Creativeland Asia, #PerfectforMomRecipes pays an ode to all working mothers, with unconventional recipes that aim to break biases and stereotypes surrounding them. It encourage them to feel empathetic about themselves.

The campaign features celebrity chefs such as Amrita Raichand, Sanjyot Keer and Vicky Ratnani. They prepare uniquely-named dishes such as ‘Tasty Society Expectations Mango Shake’, ‘Guilty Moms Dora Cake’ and ‘Lajawab Overworked Mom’s Butter Chicken’.

You can watch the films below:

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