Abid Hussain Barlaskar

The Man Company's new spot busts male stereotypes, mocks ad industry

The ad's copy is a poem written by Gaurav Solanki and narrated by Ayushmann Khurrana.

The latest ad film for men's grooming brand The Man Company is a poem narrated by actor Ayushmann Khurrana. The narration lists and calls out a host of gender stereotypes that men face. The narrative also calls out the forces of patriarchy and social norms that have created or reinforced these stereotypes over the years. It doesn't shy away from mentioning ads that 'have told you to play it too cool' and 'magic deodorants' that would make 'girls die for you'.

The Man Company (TMC) is a men’s grooming and essentials brand backed by Kolkata-based FMCG company Emami. It was launched in 2015 and has also attracted investment from Ayushmann Khurrana himself.

Named ‘Gentleman kisse kehte hai?’, the ad is a International Men's Day (November 19) special communication. It has been written by screenwriter and lyricist Gaurav Solanki who also wrote the movie Article 15. The film is an extension of the brand's campaign ‘For the #GentlemanInYou’ launched around International Men’s Day last year.

“In recent times, being called a gentleman has less to do with the last name or profession, and more to do with the mindset and attitude. We strongly believe that a man has to strive and showcase the gentleman in him; it is something he possesses as a virtue, and not something he has inherited,” says Hitesh Dhingra, founder and chief executive officer, The Man Company.

The campaign is live on Ayushmann Khurrana’s social media handles and the brand’s.

The Man Company ad film is reminiscent of Gillette's 'The Best A Man Can Get' global ad campaign from earlier this year. The “MeToo" themed ad questioned the 'Men will be men' social narrative and gender stereotypes.

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