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The Whole Truths' new ad takes a dig at dishonest influencers

The video features brand’s founder-CEO Shashank Mehta who explains how the trend of influencing has lost its core essence.

In a world where the difference between real reviews and bought opinions is tough to identify, a clean-label food brand, The Whole Truth endeavors to reveal the truth of dishonest influencer marketing.

The brand has rolled out a unique social media campaign called ‘The Whole Truth-Sayers’, aimed at finding and also working with an honest set of influencers whose opinion is based on actual experience rather than a mere monetised collaboration with brands.

The video features Shashank Mehta - founder & CEO of The Whole Truth - who cheekily calls out how the trend of influencing has lost its core essence. He says that influencer marketing came into play as the answer to inauthentic celebrity marketing but has turned into a marketing gimmick in recent times. For the right price, experts started selling their influence, rather than telling the truth and influencer marketing thus became the problem it was meant to solve.

Mehta then goes on to explain that TWT believes there still are honest influencers out there, and how The Whole Truth-Sayers campaign attempts to shine the spotlight on them. All they need to do is create a video depicting ‘The Whole Truth of Influencer Marketing’ as they see it. Of all the entries, Shashank and an esteemed panel of judges including Gul Panag, Varun Duggirala, Vani Dandia and Suchita Salwan will shortlist the 50 most deserving participants purely based on their honesty, creativity and transparency.

The jury will have these 50 participants create a concept note for their next content piece - a true opinion about TWT. Only if the influencers actually love TWT and what they do, will TWT work with them. The first 20 such influencers will form the first batch of The Whole Truth-Sayers.

The Whole Truth will pay for the influencer's art, hard work and talent - not their opinion. So any equipment fees, production fees, location costs (within a pre-agreed budget) will be taken care of.

TWT will not influence the influencer's opinion or interfere with their art. Neither will they give a brief or push pre-set scripts. Whether the Truth-Sayers choose to make a video or write a blog or make a podcast to introduce The Whole Truth to their followers - the brand will offer complete support. And zero-intervention.

Commenting on the campaign, Mehta, says, "From the very start, we have believed in the power of truth. That is what TWT is all about - telling our customers exactly what we are offering them in our products. We exist to bring 100 per cent transparency to food. To release it from the grip of big-food marketeers. To make food real again. And now we’re trying to do the same to influencer marketing….”

Last year, it released another interesting ad spot that also featured the brand’s CEO who takes us behind different food products and explains how the ingredients we read on the pack’s back are not what they truly are. The ad talks about how The Whole Truth is putting what’s on the back of the pack on the front.