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Timex launches spring campaign with Ananya Panday

The latest edition of the 'Waste More Time' campaign shows Ananya sharing a joyful moment with her plants.

Timex, a global watch brand, has recently launched its latest iteration of the Waste More Time spring campaign featuring actor and brand ambassador, Ananya Panday.

The global campaign encourages people to shift their mindset away from the hustle and embrace the slow, inspiring them to examine the amount of time they genuinely dedicate to discovering themselves and their truest passions.

The new campaign edition launching in Valentine’s month dwells into the spirit of love and shows Ananya sharing a joyful moment, whispering sweet nothings to her green squad, her plants. Waste More Time is a twist to the ordinary, a transition from reality to a wonderland perhaps. When you’re passionate about something and you’re having fun, it’s not wasting time, it's living.

“The Timex Waste More Time campaign champions the notion that spending time doing the things you love the most, is truly time well spent. The global response of this campaign has been very positive because it not only resonates across generations and continents, but its message has also become a way of life.” says Tobias Reiss-Schmidt, president and CEO, Timex Group.

Deepak Chhabra, managing director, Timex India, shared his excitement about the latest campaign, “The success of the Waste More Time campaign is attributed to all those consumers who believed in it. We’re happy to launch the spring edition where one will see an interesting and fun spin on the season of love, reiterating the importance of enjoying time at your pace. Ananya Panday brings her charm to the campaign with her appeal to a wide range of consumers.”

Ananya Panday shares her experience, “I am excited for the spring edition of the Waste More Time campaign film, it blends seamlessly with my life mantra. Nothing makes me happier than the little moments spent doing something I love. I am sure the consumers are going to vibe with the fun twist that is added to the new film, launching ahead of the season of love. Let’s Waste More Time doing things that truly bring joy to us.”

The film is available on Timex's official website and social media channels.

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