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Too Yumm! revamps brand positioning, introduces 'Twisties' snack in new ad

Curativity has launched 'Too Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi' campaign for Too Yumm! Twisties, geared towards Gen Z audience.

Curativity, a marketing services platform, announces the launch of the revamped brand positioning of Too Yumm!, specifically curated for Gen Z with Too Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi campaign. The campaign launches the all-new TooYumm! Twisties, a bold snack designed to resonate with the younger generation.

Curativity's creative prowess has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the campaign. The film, a collaborative effort between TooYumm! and Curativity, captures the essence of Too Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi and brings the brand's revamped positioning to life through compelling storytelling. The campaign has been launched across multiple platforms, including digital channels, social media, and other Gen Z-focused spaces.

'Too Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi' ad campaign
'Too Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi' ad campaign

Speaking about the campaign, Yogesh Tewari, vice president– marketing, Guiltfree Industries, RPSG FMCG, said, “We wanted to position our brand as the coolest, trendiest snacking brand for young snack lovers. And we believe it starts from the product. Just like our earlier launch of TooYumm! Bhoot Chips, TooYumm! Twisties too is a disruptive product that is sure to rock in the market with our consumers. The Too Nahi Toh Kuch Nahin campaign developed with Curativity is sure to resonate with the young audience and help build TooYumm! as their favourite snacking brand.”

Aarti Srinivasan, head of creative, Curativity, said, “There's over stimulation all around us. Scrolling on social media, swiping through dating sites, binge watching, online gaming, e-shopping, nothing is done in moderation. It’s always an extreme. We took advantage of the powerful word ‘too’ in the brand name that so aptly reflects this new attitude and mindset. Starting with Too Yumm Twisties, every product innovation going forward will be nothing but ‘too’ with respect to the format and flavors.”

Neha M Dhanani, head of business, Curativity, emphasised the concept of 'Ownable Distinctiveness,' which is ingrained in the approach at Curativity for all brands. “The idea was to craft a unique and unmistakable identity for TooYumm! that sets it apart in the crowded market. 'GenZ' is known for its dynamic choices; they do nothing in moderation. Everything else that is not toooooooo is PHEEKA to them. The Twisties campaign is a celebration of that attitude. TooYumm! is a taste-forward brand, and among the many flavors that GenZ is exposed to, the one that stands out is something that’s extra."

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